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Whirlpool Range

Whirlpool Range

Whirlpool Range

Great info…..my issue is my owner’s manual explcitly says NOT to use water on my glass stove top — which is why I hate it and would love to have something fall on it and smash it into a million pieces. In cases of boil-over, the manual says to clean it immediately with paper towels but never, never, never to clean it with water. Very frustrating! I spend a small fortune in getting the commercial cleaners for glass stove tops; they work fortunately and I have a nice shine, but oh! how I hate that thing! Thanks for the article.

I dont have to go to all that trouble. Jusst spray vodka and wipe it off. Buff is in the vodka i think. If you have stubborn spots a little baking soda with the vodka and let it sit a couple of minutes. But you wont need much and notl very often

i have had my glass top stove for over 20 years-love it! Super easy to maintain.

Always wipe it down with dishcloth when washing dishes. Thourhly clean using smooth top stove cleaners and special pad that comes with cleaner (purchased @ Home Depot) & a razor blade held at an angle, wipe residue from cleaner with paper towel, buff w/a clean soft cloth to shine!

Never have a problem-cleans up every time.

I think I am coming in here late but I came here looking for advice. My stove top when I cook it’s as if I have scrubbed off the finish of the Glass.. is that possible? Can I re shine it? And when I cook I sometimes see sparks like maybe. . As if you have static.. it kinda scared me this last time. . Please any advice? ??

Tammy, I have had two different glass top stoves, but I have never seen sparks. I think you need to check with your manufacturer–this sound dangerous to me.

Too much work! I spray on Method and wipe off. Sparkles!!! I love Method all surface cleaner.

The simple way: Magic Eraser + a little elbow grease!!!

Actually a bit of Vim Cream and a plastic pot scrubber work great. Then just wipe off the remaining cream with paper towel and it shines up nicely. I used this in the place I used to rent. It work way better than the cleaner I was provided.

Thank you thank you thank you. I’ve tried so many other methods and only ended up frustrated. I still despise my glass cooktop but at least I can see the glass now.

I found sprinkling Barkeeper’s Friend then using a wet sponge to work it in will clean up the cooktop easily. Then just rinsing it with a rinsed out sponge and drying with a paper towel it shines right back. I love having the glass cooking surface. The old style stove with the electric coils and bowl drip pans were such a nightmare by comparison.

I have a gas cooktop with Porcelin inserts… I have tried everything and can’t get the spots and overflows out ! I can make it shine but can’t actually remove the stains. Any suggestions?

I would try contacting the manufacturer

That’s just too hard!

it’s pretty simple, actually.

I use a soapy dishcloth to clean up grease and mess may need a scrubie also- wipe with dishcoth a couple times then spay on some vinegar water (2/3 to 1/3) and buff with dry cloth – stovetop will shine.

I have struggled with 2 glass top stoves. Hubby fries meat daily so cooked on grease has been difficult to deal with, razors work, but pumice, such as used in shower, does a great job, scrub with it, then wipe off with dish cloth.

I use a razor blade scrapper and stove top cleaner. Mine looks great and my stove is 12 years old

I use only if something will not wash off with soap and water something cooked on a straight razor blade hold it flat takes it right off does not scratch glass I do not scrape it just loosen it. Then wash off. Works great.

I’m a professional home/office cleaner. I’ve had a thriving business for over 30 years. To clean smooth-top stoves, I swear by Weiman Cook-top cleaner., and single-edge razor blades (if needed). I think your method is WAY more labor-intensive than is necessary. I’d be happy to share my method of both cleaning and maintaining smooth-top stoves if you would like to email me.

this method is not labor intensive at all and doesn’t require any products, other than a little baking soda. — wipe up lose debris, lay a wet rag on the stuck on food, wipe it off…….pretty simple.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Hi Tidymom! I too, am a professional housekeeper and have been for over 30 years as well….I learned this method you wrote about years ago as a way to get away from toxic chemicals and ways to cut my overhead costs…commercial cleaners are expensive and the baking soda method is AWESOME and cheap and it works great. Really tough gunk might need a single edged razor but you got it spot on!!

And no, it’s not very labor intensive at all!!

Bartenders Friend works like a champ on these cooktops!!! Easy to squirt on, use a nylon scrubber to get the tough stuff then rinse and buff. Perfect and shiny!

I like this idea! I especially like the lack of chemicals. I’ve used stovetop cleaners and beekeepers friend, but there’s something much more appealing about your method. I will give it a try and let you know my results! Thanks for sharing this technique!!

I like this idea, my first glass top stove had that gray spotted look, and cleaned up really well with a razor blade and the baking soda scrub. Much cheaper than the stuff you buy in the store. My new place has a black glass, which I find a little harder to keep clean, but still, I have only had to use the professional stuff once or twice. Overall, I still love the glass over traditional burners ANY DAY.

I am also a professional house cleaner, way too much work. Just use a very wet micro fiber cloth and dawn dish washing liquid, put a few dots of dawn on the stove and wipe really good, in some cases you will need to use a razor blade to get any burned food off, after you wipe really good just use a paper towel or another micro fiber cloth and wipe clean. No rinsing or fussing it will look wonderful and shiny.

that’s what I do for everyday clean ups – but when you have something like pasta water that spills over, gets cooked on and not cleaned up right away – soaking with hot soapy towels and baking soda does the trick instead of standing there trying to scrub off all the cooked on debris. – not much work at all, it actually makes it so you don’t have to do much work. I leave it to soak, while I clean something else. Come back and it all wipes right off.

of course the key is, to clean it up right away, for the least amount of work

I was making jelly and it boiled over. The unit was hot so it cooked on. Any suggestions on how to get cooked on sugar off?


Used your method the other day for the mess left after a pot of spaghetti boiled over got baked on and it worked like a charm! Best part was not having to scrub and scrape it to get it off.

I use Krud Kutter spray….works like a charm!

Everything on your site for organization of the kitchen gets me excited! My heart started racing because of all the different types of organization. We bought our house 3 years ago and the kitchen is in need of definite renovation. Wish we could afford any of those organizational tools. We love out glass cook top. Thank you for the tips.

Love this! My cooktop is a mess like 99 percent of the time!

Beautiful! I have to say I absolutely hate my glass stove top! Who knew boiled water could make such a mess?! And if you don’t get to your spills right away it takes some effort. I take a lot of stove top photos for my blog, so an unsightly stove top is not good.

Going to give your suggestion a go this weekend!

I frequently use a razor blade or knife (carefully), and recently bought a box cutter at the dollar store to keep in a kitchen drawer. Sometimes it looks like the rings on the stove are wearing off, when they’re really covered up with gunk that comes off with the blade.

Hot soapy water and baking soda is all you need to get your glass cooktop looking clean and shiny! Ever wonder HOW TO CLEAN A GLASS COOKTOP? read on.

Do you ever get Stovetop Spume when cooking pasta? It’s the term we use at our house when the pasta boils over and that frothy matter goes all over the cook-top and becomes crusty if you don’t clean it up right away.

It ranks up there with a few other icky kitchen messes like Slobby Knobby (The refrigerator handle that is full of grease and other stuff) and Fridge-a-Mortis (Liquids in your veggie drawer that harden over time).

My theory with cleaning any mess, is get to it as quick as you can!

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Whirlpool Range

Steps to Clean a Glass Cooktop:

Tools you will need: (contains affiliate links)

Paper towels or clean dish cloth– to wipe up lose debris from stovetop

Hot soapy water- I fill the sink, or you could fill a bucket or bowl (use 1-2 tablespoons dish liquid for soap)

Baking soda (about a cup – enough to sprinkle over stovetop surface)

Old cloths or rags – enough to cover the entire stovetop surface

Sponge – make sure it is clean (do NOT use the abrasive side if your sponge has one, only the spongy side)

Microfiber cloth -to buff on the shine

Let’s Clean:

Use paper towels or a clean dishcloth to remove as much lose debris and liquid as you can from the cooled cooktop.

Make up your hot soapy water in the sink, bucket or bowl (be sure to wear the gloves so you can make the water pretty hot)

Place rags in hot soapy water

Sprinkle baking soda over the entire stovetop

Remove rags from water and wring them out just a little, so they are still pretty wet and lay them over baking soda covered cooktop

Let sit for about 15-30 minutes. (keep an eye on it, if it looks like it’s starting to dry pour a little of the hot water over the rags if they are becoming too dry)

Remove all the rags from the cooktop. Place one rag in the soap water and ring it out some and use it to wipe down the cooktop, in a zig-zag pattern.

Wet sponge with cool water and wipe up an remaining debris or baking soda. At this point, if you have anything that is still stuck on, try using a nylon pot scraper to loosen.

Once everything is removed and clean, use the microfiber cloth and buff the stovetop to a dry shine. You can also use a little glass cleaner if you are seeing streaks.


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