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via Home Sweet Homemade

via Home Sweet Homemade

via Home Sweet Homemade

Want to know how to make wind chimes? Whether you’re looking for a cool craft project or a DIY home decor DIY wind chimes would be a great project to start. So pick your materials and start crafting.

32 DIY Wind Chimes To Liven Up Your Home

Ever since we’ve made a couple of improvements in the patio, I find myself just hanging out with a good book in hand. There was one time though that a cool gentle breeze brushed to my face and made me think, “There’s something missing here.” And that’s where I got the idea, wouldn’t it be great to hear the soft melody of wind chimes every time a breeze passes by? Sounds awesome right! So before I make my decision, I searched for DIY wind chime ideas I could make. There are some made from seashells, bamboo and even repurposed items. So if you’re like me looking for a DIY project to complete your patio, take a look at this list of homemade wind chimes and help me decide which one to make. Who knows, you may find a craft project for yourself too.

1. Seashore Wind Chimes

via Home Sweet Homemade

This would be the perfect craft project for summer. Collect some seashells and string them up for a homemade wind chime. Get the tutorial here.

2. Summer Time Chime

via Michele Made Me

Go nuts with making your colorful design for this easy bamboo wind chime. You’ll love how it looks and sounds. Get the steps here.

3. DIY Skeleton Key Wind Chimes

via Simply {Darr}ling

Got some skeleton keys lying around? Here’s a quick and easy wind chime project you can make in minutes. Get the instructions here.

4. Ice Cream Spoon Chime

via Handmade Charlotte

Grab some ice cream spoons, bells and feathers and let’s begin working. Get the tutorial here.

5. DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

via Thrifty Rebel Vintage

Okay so it may be a bit expensive if you would use silver. Any goblet from a thrift store will do. Check it out here.

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6. DIY Ombre Wind Chimes

via Undercover DIYer

Have you ever thought of painting your pots ombre? Well here’s your chance to do it. Get the tutorial here.

7. DIY Star Wars Wind Chimes

via Our Nerd Home

Don’t be ashamed to say you’re a Star Wars nerd. Here’s a DIY wind chime inspired by Jabba’s Place in Return of the Jedi. Get the instructions here.

8. Candy Hearts Wind Chime

via Mark Montano

It’s not really candy but it sure looks sweet. Get the steps here.

9. Japanese Inspired Wind Chime

via Eclectic Trends

Add a little Japanese accent in your home with this cool homemade wind chime. Get the instructions here.

10. Fall Wind Chimes

via Meri Cherry

Craft projects call for no season. Let the kids be messy making this easy kids craft project. Get the tutorial here.

11. Ceramic + Copper Wind Chimes

via Poppytalk

Wind chimes doesn’t always have to be big. Sometimes, it can also be cute and simple. Check it out here.

12. Key and Crystal Wind Chime

via A Smith of All Trades

Looking for something vintage? This wind chime will be perfect, don’t you just love how elegant it looks? Get the tutorial here.

13. Plastic Egg Wind Chimes

via Morena’s Corner

Still have some plastic eggs from your last Easter egg hunt? Here’s a great way to repurpose them. Get the steps here.

14. DIY Spindle Wind Chimes

via Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Turn old spindles into a charming wind chime. Play around with the colors! Get the tutorial here.

15. Recycled Wind Chime Tutorial

via Maker Mama

Don’t you just love upcycling. This DIY wind chime only calls for three materials and you’re good as done. Check it out here.

16. Modern Wind Chime

via eHow

Want to complement the modern design of your home? This DIY wind chime will be perfect. See it here.

17. Drift Wood Wind Chime

via Going Home to Roost

Here’s a craft project that will bring you a little closer to nature. Get the tutorial here.

18. Rainbow Wind Chimes

via Happy Hooligans

Complete the colors of the rainbow with this easy craft project. Get the steps here.

19. Paint Stick Wind Chimes

via Craft Your Craft

Make this wind chime your next paint stick craft project. Check it out here.

20. Bottle Cap Wind Chimes

via Trina is Artsy Fartsy

Don’t throw those bottle caps just yet. See how you can turn them into a cool wind chime. See it here.

21. Tin Can Wind Chime

via A Girl and A Glue Gun

Another homemade wind chime project that kids can make. Check it out here.

22. Wine Bottle Wind Chime

via wikiHow

Here’s a great way to put those empty wine bottles to good use. Get the tutorial here.

23. DIY Sea Glass Wind Chime

via Our Boat House

Make a wind chime with sea glass without using any power tools. Get the instructions here.

24. Silverware Wind Chime

via Song Bird Blog

Create an awesome vintage wind chime from unused silverware. Get the steps here.

25. Homemade Nature Suncatcher Wind Chimes

via Hands on as We Grow

Love crafts with pressed flowers, well you’ll love this. Make a DIY wind chime from pressed flowers and mason jar lids. The kids can even help out. Get the instructions here.

26. Pencil Chimes

via Design Sponge

Want something adorable? Try making this easy DIY wind chime using pencils. You can mix and match the colors or stick to a theme! Get the steps here.

27. Upcycled Xylophone Wind Chime

via Instructables

The keys on a toy xylophone is just perfect for a homemade wind chime. It already has holes so you just need to hang them. Get the tutorial here.

28. Melted Bead Chimes

via No Time for Flashcards

If you can make hearts out of melted beads, you can make any shape as long as you have a mold for it. Get the instructions here.

29. How to Make a Garden Chandelier

via Empress of Dirt

Add some bling to your garden or porch with this cool wind chime made of colander, marbles and beads. Check it out here.

30. Hardware Store Hanging Wind Chime

via Instructables

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can try to make one this weekend. Get the tutorial here.

31. Earrings to Wind Chime

via Ellen’s Creative Passage

Repurpose your unwanted earrings into a cool wind chime. Check it out here.

32. Seaglass Pebbles Wind Chime

via Home Sweet Homemade

Want something colorful and cute? Make a homemade wind chime with different colored seaglass pebbles. See it here.

Got time for one more? Then grab some newspapers and try this DIY wind chime from Love Yourself:

Which DIY wind chime are you going to make? Let us know below in the comments!

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