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Your home is so stunning and cozy! I wish we’d have a Trader Joe’s too. That green pumpkin is so pretty. I can barely find nice ones here. Thanks for having me again Lindsay and Happy Fall

OH Julia I wish you had one too! Trader Joe’s selection and prices are crazy!!! Always happy to have you

this is my favorite version of your home ever…. fall suits it well!!! you look beautiful, your home looks gorgeous, and i love all of your simple natural touches and the colors! gorgeous home, lindsay!

Oh Cassie! Thank you so much!!! I think I design rooms with fall in mind for sure

I have so enjoyed watching your home come to life! It looks so warm and cozy and inviting. Familiar almost. Y’all have done an amazing job! And, you have a beautiful family

Thank you so much, Denise! That makes my day – exactly how I hope for it to feel

Your house looks great! It’s so hard to resist buying all the pumpkins this time of year! I have to negotiate with my hubby every year when we’re at the pumpkin patch.

Lindsay, your family photos are so heartwarming! I believe that is the best kind of tour showing the lives that live in the home and the beautiful dynamics. I adore your home so much and you always style it so well for the occasions. Thank you for having me again on this fabulous tour! It’s my favorite! Happy fall sweet friend!


Soooo pretty! Your home was made for fall!!! So jealous of your patio!

Oh my gosh!!! I just love everything. Your tables just look so fall. This is my favorite season too. We tend to lean towards the black and orange. It’s fun to see your ideas.

Looks great! I love all the slice of life shots that you’ve included, they really make it feel like fall is here.

And congrats on Baby no2

Your home is beautiful, Lindsay!! Love the family photos Congratulations on the exciting news!

What a great tip for floral arrangements too!

Truly, I fall in love with your home more every time I look at it. The other day, Adam asked me what I wanted the feel of our home to be once we’re married (engagement should be any day now, fingers crossed! ha ha), and the words that came to mind were “warm, cozy, layered, collected,” but the vision in my mind was YOUR home! I promise not to copy you, but you can bet I’ll be referencing your posts when the time comes. Also, your baby bump is the SWEETEST in these pics. Last question: where did that cozy throw in the back porch/shed come from? I love the colors!

I love love love this BSHT family edition You all look adorable and the house looks fabulous! I’m dying to see it in person!

Your style and house is coming together beautifully. Best of all, your adorable family is growing and loving life there and that makes it a warm and inviting home! Thank you for hosting this tour and for opening your home for us to enjoy and get to know you better. PS. Your kitchen is gorgeous, you must be so thrilled with how it turned out!

Thank you so much, Melissa! This is the sweetest comment – you made my day!

Such a wonderful tour! The pics of your family are so adorable–it’s great to see how you all enjoy your home. I absolutely love your screened in portch, it’s such a dreamy space!

Beautiful as always! The photos are flawless. I love a good lifestyle shoot!

Very cute! I really need to start decorating my house for fall. Besides Christmas, it’s my favorite time of year to decorate and I haven’t even started yet lol. Thanks for sharing! I got some good inspiration (especially from those pumpkins, and your orange sweater!!)

Everything is absolutely beautiful Lindsay!!! Love all of the fall touches and those family shots So cozy and inviting while being extremely unique and inspiring.

Thanks so much, Alice! What you said is exactly what I’d hoped for!!

This is so gorgeous!!! Can I ask where the art on your mantel is from? The abstract looking painting? I LOVE it!

Yes, Jamie! it’s from Minted I linked to it directly in the living room post below so you don’t have to search


OH my goodness your home is absolutely stunning. I’m all heart eyes over here. Love love loooove!



Thank you so much Megan! So happy to have you

Where did you get that fab fixture in the dining room? Thanks! Heather

Hi Heather! It’s from wayfair! It was black and we sprayed it gold with my favorite Design Master’s spray paint from Michaels (gets the most real finish!) then modernized it with some round bulbs!

Lindsay what a beautiful tour and home you have. I have always enjoyed your inspiration and this tour was once again so lovely! It was so sweet seeing your family in the photos and your creativity through how you make your home. I loved the floral arrangements – every detail is gorgeous~Thank you so much for having me on this tour, it was an honor!

OH Annie, thank you so much! So happy to have you and thanks so much for all of your sweet words!!

I love family shoots the best Lovely images, so excited for your new one on the way! xo

Oh my goodness, I think I died and went to heaven with this fall home tour! Everything looks so beautiful and cozy, with so much elegance! I love your boho-style! Happy Fall!

Your home is gorgeous! I love the blend of industrial with rustic and boho! Stunning!

I love your LOVE for pumpkins! So cute Beautiful table setting you created in your dining room. So inviting

Every room is so beautiful. I had more than one of your rooms saved as some of my favorites on Pinterest and didn’t know they were connected. “Oh! That’s the living room I love! Wait! That’s the kitchen I have saved and am obsessed with too!” : ) Lovely, lovely home.

hahaha, Jacquelyn! Thank you so much! That made my day So glad you found us!!!

Welcome to another round of BSHT Fall! I’m so happy you’re here, friends. I love hosting this series throughout the year, but fall might be my favorite.

Every year, I can’t wait for the first pumpkins to hit the stores, that first crisp morning, or for those first leaves to fall. There’s just something about this season…I’m a fall girl through and through. Since I was in college, I’ve brought in pumpkins and cozied up my space for the season. Now, with a little babe, it’s even stronger. I love nothing more than making our home and seasons special and come to life for all of us to enjoy.

This year, when it came to fall decor, I wanted to do something a little different. Since I’ve been hosting this series, I’ve gone crazy with fall decor. Because I absolutely love it! I’ve poured over every single pinecone placement, found new coordinating fabrics to make into pillows and table linens, and have seriously bought out the pumpkins.

But this year, I wanted to simplify and focus on our family. With a growing family, I don’t have as much energy to go all out and decided to focus on what we really enjoy and love. While I never decorate to what I think others will like (I always try to just do my thing and my thing is surely fall decorating), I wanted to really think about how our family functions and bring a little pretty and fall in that truly adds to our everyday and isn’t remotely just for pictures. Don’t worry…there will still be tons of pumpkins.

Come on into our fall home and see how we do fall around The Buffalo Bungalow!

{photo by Sophie Brendle, jewelry by Stillwell Style}

Today, we’re going to focus on some of our main living spaces, but there will be a lot more fall to come this week and next including our fall exterior and porch!

For me, it all starts with the pumpkins. Early on in our marriage, Chris declared that I needed a pumpkin budget. No matter how many I have, I find it hard to turn them down each time I go to Trader Joe’s this time of year! But I’ve gotten better and have learned to limit myself, and yes, there is an official pumpkin budget.

Rosie is obsessed with “punkis” as she says, and I’ve got to say, seeing her get all excited and shout “punkis! punkis!” over and over makes me the happiest.

I just finished and revealed the kitchen a few weeks ago, so I already had fall on the brain when I chose some of the styling and accessories. But you better believe a pumpkin, some pinecones, and a fall candle made their way in! This is something we can enjoy everyday while we’re baking and enjoying this space, but the island is still so functional. I need my workspace!

No this shirt was not purchased to wear for the tour. It’ll be worn on repeat this whole season!

In the living room, I added some garlands to the mantel and changed up the pillows a bit just to make the space feel a bit more festive and cozy. We spend so much time in here as a family, it was so important to me for it to have a little fall flair.

The cotton garland is from Antique Farmhouse and I found the little woven white pumpkin garland at Home Goods. Everything else in this shot were things we already had and we already enjoying in the living room.

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It’s amazing what just changing up a few pillows can do! I already had the pale pink velvet and added in the gray mohair plaid from Target and the gray fur from Gordman’s. The navy/green/gray velvet pillows in our armchairs really make me happy. They have such texture, are a great color, and I love the view of them against the rug and kitchen.

Changing up pillows is my favorite way to make your home feel different for the season on a very small budget (or with pillows you have!). And of course, the living room needed a token “punki.”

In the dining room, I really debated what I wanted to do for fall. A few changes have happened in this space, which I’ll be sharing in a post soon! The new rug is from Unique Rug Store and the kilim pillows are from Kilim Pillow Store.

I love setting a beautiful tablescape, but so often, I do that just for pictures. It’s fun to me and is a creative release, so I enjoy setting it up! But lately, I’ve really been processing that I want to create mainly for our family…not create just because and our family doesn’t enjoy it. When I started this, it was to share what we’re naturally doing as a family in our home. So, I didn’t want to create a tablescape that wouldn’t function well for how we eat and gather in here and would be taken down as soon as the pictures were through.

Since there’s just three of us right now, we sit on this end and pull Rosie’s highchair up between us on the corner. It’s so intimate and I love our little dinner routine here. From time to time, we have a special little dinner just the two of us after Rosie goes down and I like to make things a little special for that. I decided to create a pretty table that would work well for how we actually use this space. I created a little centerpiece, but sat it on the side of the table that rarely gets used so we have plenty of room.

Putting together florals is my new favorite thing! I grabbed some eucalyptus and a variety of flowers from Trader Joe’s and went to town! My friend Eileen from A Creative Day gave me the great tip to put the eucalyptus in first and then fill in with flowers for a beautiful wild look (that I love!). She’s the master and teaching me that combined with TJ’s cheap flowers, you may find me doing this once a week now. It couldn’t be easier, but it’s just so pretty to me!

Simple little place settings with blush linen napkins, a pinecone, and my favorite pink pumpkin ever make this simple table feel so special to me. But it’s nothing elaborate or even new (other than the flowers and pumpkins).

In this family, one of our favorite fall activities is getting outside. The mosquitoes are finally gone, the temperatures are cooler, and getting out under the stars is one of the best ways to spend an evening in our book.

And this year, we are so excited to have our new shed turned screened porch to enjoy! Rosie loves it out here. She plays and plays and I love that it’s a way to get her outside and enjoy some of nature! The bulb lights overhead, a few pumpkins, and a cozy throw make this place feel fall-ready to me.

Just like our dining table inside, I decided to make our little outdoor farm table a little special. We love eating out here as a family, so I thought another little fun table was in order.

The smallest things make a spot feel special. I threw on this piece of vintage floral fabric that my mom gave me as a tablecloth.

I put the leftover flowers from the dining table arrangement in vases, sat out a few pumpkins, and lit a candle.

So simple and easy, yet so pretty and it just makes dinner out here feel like a special treat for our little family. There’s just something about gathering around a pretty little table that someone lovingly put together for you. Since this space is covered, I’ll leave this little vignette set up through the season so we can enjoy it each night.

Thanks for touring our family’s fall home this year!

From my family to yours, Happy Fall, friends! Make sure you check out the next stop on today’s tour, my friend

Cassie Bustamante.

We recently had the most amazing fall lifestyle shots done by my good friend, Sophie Brendle. She’s the most amazing photographer and truly captured how we live around our home. I had to work in a few today for the fall tour because they’re just so perfect and really telling of how we live. But I’ll be sharing a full look at our family’s lifestyle shoot tomorrow!

And there’s no way I could share every home source here, so for questions I didn’t address about each space, check out those rooms’ posts below:

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Shed Turned Screened Porch

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Original article and pictures take http://thewhitebuffalostylingco.com/welcome-fall-home-bsht-2016/ site

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