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The Guest Room is Finished!

The Guest Room is Finished!

The Guest Room is Finished!

I think you completely achieved the calming vibe you were going for and having all of those extra essentials on hand is such a nice touch. Gonna implement that in ours for our guests coming at the end of the month. They really should feel like they’re on vacation! I mean, sour patch kids?!? Awesome.

Wow! I can’t get over this stunning transformation. You guys did an amazing job! I love how you tied everything together and all those small touches are fantastic!

Love how this room looks warm, rustic and inviting. Nice call with the boob light replacement, too. Whoever came up with those in the first place… and how did they get so popular that they seem to be in every bland, builder-grade house?

Right?! Mysteries of the universe.

I really like what you’ve done with this room! My favorite part (that I am going to steal!!) is that tray with the wifi password! It’s like a B&B :)

It looks fabulous! I’d come visit any time. :)

I’m so happy to be this guest room’s first guest! First, it’s much larger than it looks in pictures. It’s spacious and comfortable and, yes, cool. Also, since it’s on the home’s lower level, it feels private (which means I can give the Marcums their family time/space and feel like I’m retreating to my own private hotel room). There’s a bathroom just off of this room, conveniently. And Greta is the guest room’s neighbor (watch the candy bowl! She’s partial to the Sour Patch Kids!). I can’t wait to come back.

I am normally a boob light advocate – but that new fixture you put up is a HUGE upgrade, and classes up the space so nice. WAY to nail it there. The room looks, nice, classy and not over done. Well done!

Thank you. And I love that you are a boob light advocate. Hahahaha.

I really love the vibe in here! and it gave me great amenity ideas for my own guest room.

And I have that same dress from Banana – love it!

Ugh I have a blanket addiction and I want that throw. Is it really soft? I’ve got it saved right now and I’m trying to decide if I should pull the trigger.

Cute room!

So soft!!! You won’t regret it. Plus, it’s on super clearance. Win win. (Win.)

Yeah, I couldn’t wait anymore so I ordered it last night :) I’m excited about it!

The room looks so fresh and inviting. Anyone would feel welcome with all the special touches you’ve added. I know this sounds extremely picky/anal, but there is a tag on the lamp cord in the outlet behind the night stand. Everything else is picture perfect. I promise I’m not a mean girl!!

Ugh. You’re so right. It’s just the electricity warning label tag, but I should go snip it off right now. I am weirdly horrible about removing actual price tags on home goods–especially baskets! I need someone like you helping me.

Wow, that came together quickly! I love the little Jonathan Adler planter. You’re totally right, every space needs a little quirk. Great, cozy room!

I love this space! I’ve never been a huge fan of red either but I don’t know what it is, I’m really drawn to it now. Would love to do something similar to this in our room but I don’t know how many times I can redecorate our rental!…

We finished the guest room just in time for my sister, Victoria, to arrive last Saturday and we’ve been partying ever since. Maybe you’ve seen us on Instagram? Amidst the festivities, I found time to photograph the room for you that will be pulling a double shift this month with Chris’s brother’s family visiting in a couple weeks.

In case you forgot where we started, here’s how the room looked when we moved in…and for the last almost year:

You saw when we painted all the walls and trim and also when we upholstered the bed, but here’s how she looks all finished:

Since this room is on the lower level of our home, the light doesn’t pour in all hours of the day like upstairs. But it’s also about 30 degrees cooler, so it still kind of wins right now. That being said, I hope you don’t mind I turned on the lamps (they used to live in our bedroom in our old house) and new overhead light (swoooon) to shoot the rest of the photos.

I really wanted this room to be calming, comfortable and functional for our guests. I texted my sister before she arrived and asked her what candy/treats she enjoys most and she responded, “cake, ice cream and Raisinettes.” I stocked a tiered candy dish with the Raisinettes–something chocolately–and added in something sour/fruity (sour patch kids) and some nuts (almonds and pistachios) as well–which seemed like a good mix that could hit all the cravings. Our guest book finally has a permanent location in our home on this nightstand, too.

The nightstands came with, and matched, the bed that we upholstered and I actually really love them. The opened bottoms are perfect for stashing extra bath and hand towels on one side and in the other nightstand I stacked some magazines below.Vacations and on the treadmill are the only times I have to read magazines anymore–you?

This nightstand holds a lot of potential necessities on top, too–shampoo, conditioner, body wash and mouth wash (there was a toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom), a bottle of water, and the WiFi information all corralled together on a tray makes it look more thoughtful rather than messy. Trays are great for that.

I added this little Jonathan Adler vase filled with ground covering clippings for its quirk factor. Every room needs something quirky and alive and this checked off both of those things.

I know its not common to ask for an extra blanket in the middle of summer, but this one was too pretty (and on clearance!) to pass up for those colder nights when it might become necessary. I just love giving our guests all of their options and not leave them wanting. The finishing functional touch was rehanging this set of hooks higher.

It used to hang about 3 ft off the ground (I’m guessing this was a child’s room before) and just scooting them up allows room for coats, dresses, hats, etc. One of these days we’ll clear out the huge closet in here, but for now it’s serving as storage.

On the purely-for-looks side of the revamp, replacing the boob light with this double drum could be my favorite upgrade yet. It’s quite understated for its size but adds so much to the space.

Pretty bedding and sheets tie the whole room together. I don’t use a lot of red in my house, but I’m ready to start!

I hung the round mirror we’ve had forever from Target above the bed and went with cheap (maybe too cheap) Ikea Vivian curtains for the window–I wouldn’t mind throwing a little more money at those down the line, but they soften things for now.

It was a whirlwind 2 week makeover and I think it turned out pretty well and on point with the mood board I made for the room. So the guest room is done for now! In the future we’ll be replacing the carpet and adding some art–and, of course, restocking the candy dishes.

Sources: Wall color: Valspar’s Cool Vapor in flat; Trim color: Off-the-shelf Clark+Kensington Designer White in semi-gloss; Bed: Thrifted and upholstered in army surplus blanket; Nightstands: Thrifted; Wall-mounted Lamps; Double-drum light fixture in Oatmeal: c/o Wayfair; Painterly Stripes sheet set: c/o Schoolhouse Electric; Quilt coverlet: Ikea; Horseradish and Ivory throw; Turkish Kilim Pillow; Round Mirror: Target; Guest Book; Tiered Candy dish; Basket for towels-Ikea; Hand towels; Jonathan Adler boy/girl bud vase; Industrial tray; Vivian Curtains-Ikea

Original article and pictures take http://www.chrislovesjulia.com/2014/07/the-guest-room-is-finished.html?crlt.pid=camp.Q4NY5SwlXBcj site

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