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Stop the Frost Spray

Stop the Frost Spray

Stop the Frost Spray

Have you had that morning where you didn’t get to warm up your car and defrost off the windows? Were you left desperately scraping the windows as you froze your hind end off? Try this Stop the Frost Spray! Your windows will be clear of frost in seconds with little effort.

Most mornings in the winter I make sure to have my car warming, so that it is all defrosted and toasty warm. My hubs is SUPER fortunate in that he has remote start and can turn his truck on from the warmth of the kitchen *sigh*. However, I know that we are fortunate. I don’t have to worry about leaving my unlocked running car in the driveway, that is not always the case for others. I have also had the VERY late mornings where I’m just fortunate that my shoes match; forget having time to go out and start the car.

This spray works in seconds to clear the frost off your windows and can be left in your car as it won’t freeze.

The secret ingredient: 70% Isopropyl Alcohol*

I have seen a few homemade recipe versions of anti-frost spray, but never great research of any adverse effects it could have on a vehicle. As I value my car *and am still paying it off*, I wanted to be sure that anything I was applying to it would be safe.

Isopropyl Alcohol is a secret tool kept in most all car detailers chest. It is used by detailers to clean off waxes. Most use it to clean an area before doing a scratch repair. So it is safe, in most cases, if it were to get on any factory painted areas of your vehicle. As the spray solution is diluted it is also safe, in most cases, if it were to get on any rubber areas occasionally. It should not cause any excessive drying or cracking of rubber. Isopropyl alcohol is used to remove gummy build up on windshield wipers (such as tree sap, etc.).

Other anti-frost recipes online use distilled white vinegar. While vinegar is wonderful in natural cleaning recipes, and serves many purposes, but it is an acetic acid. Which is not good for paint.

The other main point: The freezing point.

Isopropyl alcohol has a freezing point of -128.2 degrees Fahrenheit vs. Vinegar’s freezing point of 28 degrees Fahrenheit. So having frozen vinegar on your window is pretty useless.

The best method is to apply this by using a spray bottle, unless it gets to -130 degrees Fahrenheit where you live (bless your heart) than it is fine to leave this in your car on an as needed basis.

Stop the Frost Spray

70% isopropyl alcohol


spray bottle

Combine this in a 2:1 ratio. 2 parts of alcohol to 1 part of water. mix this in a spray bottle and apply to your frosted windows. I recommend using a squeegee or a windshield brush to wipe off any excess liquid.

**I do not know how this would react/work on aftermarket window tints. I would not recommend this recipe on tinted windows. You should proceed with caution.

Disclaimer: *Isopropyl alcohol is flammable. Always be sure to check with your manufacturers instructions/warranty before using alternative methods.

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