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Sleepy Hollow from The Jewels of New York.

Sleepy Hollow from The Jewels of New York.

Sleepy Hollow from The Jewels of New York.

Love the Poison Berry drink, but can’t get the exact ingredients for the Black Widow cocktail, it always refers to the next cocktail on their site.

I LOVE THIS! You just want to try it all! We’re just getting started and would love for you to come by and check us out and give any type of advice/feedback. thecottondiaries.com

I mean, my obsession with Harry Potter says that nothing gets better than Butterbeer (and with that sweet broomstick garnish!!) but this all look incredible!

Just a few days out from Halloween and the anticipation around the office could be cut with a knife! Most of our Halloween prep — costumes, decorations, sweets — is checked off the list, which leaves us with the final to-do item: the booze. There’s absolutely no better way to spook your guests than with creepy crawly (but still delicious!) cocktails, so click through the slideshow and pin-away for this season’s best spooky spiked drinks!

Sleepy Hollow from The Jewels of New York

Original article and pictures take http://camillestyles.com/food-and-drink/recipe-files/10-best-halloween-cocktails/?slide=2 site

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