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playground swing germany momfilter

playground swing germany momfilter

playground swing germany momfilter

Love the parks! I have a girlfriend that goes to Germany with her kids in the summer – and the unspoken park rules is that kids have to watch out for themselves (parents don’t intervene unless necessary). You can tell this mentality is at play in these uber-cool park attractions. Might never fly here, but I wish it would.

Wow those are awesome.

Brown Street Park in Providence RI has some interesting climbers for kids and traveling rings for grown ups (or those that can reach!).

Nickerson State Park in Brewster MA (on Cape Cod) has ENORMOUS swings and a very long, straight tube slide that I recommend grown ups stay out of.

Have fun!

thanks! will look into those–they sound great!

Last week we did a post on some non-conformist playgrounds, and heard back from some of our readers who had some suggestions of others. We LOVE hearing from you! Tell us more. We have fantasies that some day we’ll have online listings of the best of everything, but we need your input to make that happen. These pictures come from a reader who found these different playgrounds in small towns in Germany.

playground swing germany momfilter momfilter sand funnel playground germany

Original article and pictures take http://momfilter.com/entertaining-them/unusual-playgrounds site

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