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Pasta Noodle Lion Craft for Kids

Pasta Noodle Lion Craft for Kids

Pasta Noodle Lion Craft for Kids

This month’s challenge was to create something with pasta! A lion was the perfect idea :-) It is pretty easy besides gluing the noodles down. Make sure to buy the mini bow tie noodles as they don’t weigh as much!

Supplies Needed:

Mini bow-tie pasta noodles

Spaghetti noodles

White/yellow paper

Orange and black sharpie/or paint


Googly eyes

Cut a circle out of yellow paper and draw the lion’s face on it. Glue it to a piece of white paper. Take an orange marker and cover every other noodle with it. Glue them around the face and add some skinny spaghetti noodles for the whiskers. Rawr!

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