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Outdoor Fall Tablescape

Outdoor Fall Tablescape

Outdoor Fall Tablescape

Since I live in Oklahoma, I can totally sympathize on how miserable it must have been to set this up and photograph. HOWEVER, it turned out beautiful and I’m sure was totally worth it! I love pretty much everything you do!

Oh Heather, you are so kind! Thank you so so much!! And here’s hoping you guys get some cool weather soon, too.

Talk about a dreamy outdoor dining space! This is magazine picture perfect and I loooooove how you put it together! That dining table, those lanterns, the copper cups… this is just too good!

You are so so sweet, Katie. Thank you SO much! xx

I love everything. Is the silverware flemsy? I’m looking for new silverware that has the strong handles that doesn’t bend easily. Amazing job!

Thank you so much, Melissa! The flatware doesn’t seem flimsy at all to me… I haven’t used them much yet, but they seem very sturdy and the copper is so fun, isn’t it?

Rachel, your table is beautiful truly evokes cool and crisp fall evenings. Ah, the magic of photography, right? And I’m in an ‘all things copper’phase, so I especially loved all those accents.

Thanks for braving the heat!

hugs, Lynn

You are so kind, Lynn… Thank you so much!!

This gorgeous table is perfect for fall! I don’t have to pretend it feels cool and crisp… your table does not give the high temps away! LOVE the apples with the candles. I need to do that on my Thanksgiving table this year! So so pretty!

Thanks, Yvonne… I hope you are having a beautiful week, my friend! xx

Enjoy the cool, crisp fall weather with an outdoor dining experience! This outdoor fall tablescape would be perfect for Thanksgiving or any autumn celebration.


This post is sponsored by hayneedle. All opinions are my own.

When hayneedle first approached me about creating an outdoor fall tablescape in our new outdoor dining space, I had visions of hot chocolate, warm crackling flames, and fuzzy blankets available for snuggling…

Clearly, I forgot that I live in central Texas.

Now to be fair, if I actually had set this table up for our Thanksgiving meal, there’s about a 50/50 chance that would be an accurate depiction… There’s also a 50/50 chance it would be hot as blazes. Oh well.

Since I set it up mid-September so I could share pictures with you all long in advance of your own Thanksgiving table decorating (oh the things we crazy bloggers do!), it was officially 99 degrees.


But I’ll pretend if you will… I’ll pretend that these sweet apples were picked straight from the nearby orchard and converted into candles (learn how to make your own here if you’d like).

I’ll pretend that a cool breeze played over our faces and legs, making these cozy blankets the perfect, enveloping comfort.

I’ll pretend that the leaves have already fallen from most of the trees and these adorable succulent pumpkins are an invigorating drop of life amidst this season.

I’ll pretend that the flaming table is actually providing more than mere ambiance (which, let’s be honest, is enough in and of itself)…

And likewise, I’ll pretend that the candles are giving not only their soft, dreamy light, but also a degree of warmth to the space.

I really do love the idea of outdoor fall dining. When celebrating goodness, provision, and harvest, it only seems an appropriate setting…

Even if you have to jump in the pool to cool off afterwards.

Here are a few more shots of the space…

How about you? Is outdoor fall an option where you are?

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