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Out Cottage at Thanksgiving with Better Homes and Gardens. Pretty and Affordable Home and Table Decor at Walmart foxhollowcottage.com #sponsored by @bhglivebetter @bhg

Out Cottage at Thanksgiving with Better Homes and Gardens. Pretty and Affordable Home and Table Decor at Walmart foxhollowcottage.com #sponsored by @bhglivebetter @bhg

Out Cottage at Thanksgiving with Better Homes and Gardens. Pretty and Affordable Home and Table Decor at Walmart foxhollowcottage.com #sponsored by @bhglivebetter @bhg

So beautiful and cozy! I want those soft and snugly throws. And oh, Shannon, just send that seascape over to me, please


Tone on Tone

It all looks awesome Shannon! You are very talented. Enjoy your blog very much!

Ho Debbie!! So glad you do and thanks for stopping in

Love it! I love the dishes/serveware with all the acorns and pumpkins on them. Love how you have velvet pumpkins in your bowls. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE copper anything! You have knockout ideas!

Oh we got so lucky for a bit and I was running into copper everywhere! Nothing expensive, just stumbling across it. Happy Fall!!

I love your ideas!! I do not have the Fall bowls but I do have the Winter tray and a couple of other pieces and LOVE it. This year will add a few more pieces to the collection. Your home seems very down to earth and I love seeing your ideas.

Hello Jeanne, Oh I bet the Winter tray is a beauty! Isn’t it neat how they get new additions each year so you can add on over time? I like that. I wanted the large serving bowl but it was sold out. I’m going to see if my store has the box set Christmas this weekend. I’d really like those and the forest animals are so sweet. I prefer them over the traditional Christmas tree dishes. Thank you! I’m so glad you feel that way. Our home is so regular! Nothing fancy, we do projects over time and I’m happy to know it feels like something you can relate to Happy Holidays!!

Your home looks so warm cozy and welcoming. Just love the way it”s decorated!

Thank you very much Susan. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Shannon, I always love your decorating style! You are so talented. Love all the things from Walmart. Guess I have to go shopping soon. LOL The Christmas dishes look like they would be a great purchase. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve got those on my Christmas wish-list. I think Christmas breakfast will taste extra yummy on those Happy Holidays!

Everything looks so cozy and beautiful! Ready to snuggle in for fall!


Back at ya!! I want a candy apple

nicely done….

Thanksgiving In Our Home with Better Homes and Gardens

Out Cottage at Thanksgiving with Better Homes and Gardens. Pretty and Affordable Home and Table Decor at Walmart foxhollowcottage.com #sponsored by @bhglivebetter @bhg

It’s been a whirlwind of activity here at the hollow with lots of changes taking place! We are moving ahead with our shop build and the property is now cleared and ready for a foundation. We also have a beautiful new retaining wall. Silliest thing to be excited about, but even that is a huge improvement. I’ll catch you up soon, when there is a little more to share. Right now, it would just be a before and after with a lot of dirt, and then none. Plus a wall. I doubt you’d be impressed!

In more exciting news, we are also getting ready for the upcoming holiday!!

Thanksgiving is extra special, and extra big here at the hollow since we host every year.

I’m going to do something a little different today. Instead of showing you a fancy Thanksgiving table that I’d have to “faux set” beforehand, I decided to share how I’m decorating with my new holiday finds in my home now.

Because I have white dishes as my main set, it was really easy to add a few of the new Better Homes & Gardens things that I found at our local Walmart without having to worry about them matching! As you all know, “tablescaping” is not my strong suit and I actually needed some things. I’m really looking forward to using them. My mother in law and I deserve a cute dish for our jellied cranberry sauce! We are the only two who love it, so we always make sure to sit by each other. It’s been forever since I brought fresh elements to the table.

Until then though… I thought I’d enjoy them.

The first thing I did was split up the trio!

The smallest of the three got poised on a candle stick, where I added a pumpkin, and nestled it in some shredded brown paper.

The middle bowl got a velvet pumpkin.

The leaves are so pretty, not too bold. Just right.

It perfectly tops off this side table vignette I’ve got going. Lots of fall color and textures gathered together tell a story and it definitely feels like fall. The third is in the kitchen, I’ll show you in a second.

Because I may have gotten a Leopard throw while I was shopping for the table.

It is decadently soft. And a little leopard livens up a room like nobodies business!

It’ll be showing it’s sassy spots come Christmas too.

Now in my defense, I bought the next throw a few visits ago, when I was picking up a heated electric throw for my mother in law. It was kind of a one for her, one for me deal.

I’m very tactile and I am a sucker for soft stuff. This one is also veerrry velvety, but it’s got the fluffy sherpa too and it’s sooo warm! I’ve already done some snuggled up TV watching with it.

I’ll be saying goodbye to my thrifted seascape for the cooler months soon.

One of my best finds. I’m so enamored with it. It really draws your gaze and sucks you in.

My little hootie is just the sweetest.

He is sporting a buttered maple bourbon candle right now! Y U M.

The mantel got a little attention too!

It should be pretty well know by now, I am a lantern lover!!

You might even recall, I had one in our coastal bathroom [here] already.

Well, I bought it a friend so they could be mantel buddies!!

They are so happy together and I think they look very at home.

The rich tones of Autumn are such a treat… and they help to soothe the fact that summer is gone. The older I get the more I appreciate and savor each season! Even though I grumble when it gets dark early. I do look around and notice the beauty.

These tiny pumpkins are so fun to sprinkle around and the bonus is, they last from year to year.

And then there are BIG pumpkins, like the ones on this gorgeous serving platter. There was no way I was sticking this in a cupboard until Thanksgiving. This bad boy is front and center on my kitchen wall. Right next to the sink where I conveniently ignore the dishes. I’ve delegated that chore to Austin and I could not be any happier about it.

In fact, I’m downright T H A N K F U L.


Thanksgiving Dinner Dining Table Serving Pieces - Harvest Pumpkin Platter Cream Mist - #Sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens Live Better at Walmart | @bhglivebetter @bhg

I’m very excited to use the platter on Thanksgiving day! I don’t have a thing that compares to it. I’ll just need to decide what will get to be placed on the pumpkin platter of honor.

Now for the last and largest bowl. That one is in the kitchen, and it has the very important job of holding our honey crisp apples. Pure deliciousness. But no substitute for turkey! Speaking of…

Disclosure: This post was written on behalf of BHG at Walmart – As with every other post, all opinions are my very own!!

I’ll be writing a new article every other month sharing my latest BHG from Walmart finds with you and showing you how I use them in my home. Looking forward to next time already!!

If you live in a small town like I do, like the convenience of shopping online, or can’t find something in the store, you can find even more by shopping Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart online [here]

You can follow the Better Homes & Gardens Live Better Network on:


Below you’ll find clickable links for all the BHG at Walmart items I shared:

Better Homes and Gardens Sherpa Throw

Better Homes and Gardens White Lantern

Better Homes and Gardens Owl Candle Holder

If you are looking for a Christmas or Winter holiday entertaining set I thought this was a great value and I plan on picking it up. We do a big breakfast on Christmas morning and I’ve never had Christmas dishes!

Original article and pictures take http://foxhollowcottage.com/2015/11/thanksgiving-in-our-home-with-better-homes-and-gardens.html?crlt.pid=camp.d5VYZgLvpsiF site

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