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OPI Nail Lacquer, # B60 Light My Sapphire, 0.5 Ounce

OPI Nail Lacquer, # B60 Light My Sapphire, 0.5 Ounce

OPI Nail Lacquer, # B60 Light My Sapphire, 0.5 Ounce

Having used shatter or crackle polish by OPI, LaRosa and China Glaze, I have some basis for comparison. They all work, it's your subjective taste that matters. The LaRosa shatter pattern is sort of a random pattern. The China Glaze is more like a snakeskin shaped pattern. In my opinion, the OPI is the nicest - it's clean and geometric, like tiny parallel rectangles.

The OPI is easiest to work with too. It's got a less gloppy or thick formula, so it goes on more cleanly, and shatters more intricately. It's a true black, nice and dark, covering any base coat well. It's too bad OPI came out of the gate with the black and has been slow about other colors. Fortunately other manufacturers have stepped more quickly into the blooming shatter market.

If you haven't used a crackle or shatter polish, please read on. These are a lot of fun, and look great. It makes me crazy when I see reviews of disappointed people saying \"It didn't work\" and you can usually tell they either didn't get directions with the product, or didn't read them.

The point of crackle polish is to use two colors which contrast. You apply a base coat of regular nail polish, and then paint the crackle polish on top, which shrinks as it dries to expose the base color. Thus, whatever you choose for your base should be a color that will contrast nicely with the color of crackle you have. The more different the colors (light and dark) the more obvious the pattern will be.

Crackle polish will NOT work on your naked nail- as it dries it shrinks and it needs a smooth dry surface to shrink across.

The key is to put the crackle polish on when the base color is COMPLETELY dry. Then it will \"shatter\" correctly.

Tickle My France-y is such a pretty and sophisticated neutral color! The perfect shade of pink. The consistency is great and it goes on smoothly. Even my husband commented how nice the color looks on me ;) Highly recommend!

My personal trainer called it \"purple\", and while it's in that color family (violet/purples) it's a very muted, elegant but updated sort of version of that color. I don't know what OPI officially calls this color, but I'd tag it a muted mid-tone purple-mauve/cool to neutral/metallic shimmer. It's got a lovely finish that is sort of a metallic-meets-glimmer. It covers opaquely in two coats and is a discreet (ie, not loud) shade that's great for winter, but will not be too dark for spring.

I also find it is very durable. After a week and a half, it looks like I just put it on (and i haven't retouched or added more top coat, lazy me). This color would suit a variety of skin tones, as I can see it being very lovely on pale ladies, and it looks good on me and I'm an NC44 via MAC classification (warm-toned, caramel colored Latina skin).

To expensive really bad quality it smells horrible it was the same color

First, let me begin by saying that the color here on your screen is as close to exact as it could possibly get. You know how sometimes what you see online is totally different to real life? - Well this isn't one of those times; it's almost exact.

Next; I've said it before and I'll say it again, OPI make one of the best quality nail polishes on the market. They are top notch and take some time before they begin to chip. Use a base coat and two color coats then a top coat, and you'll have long lasting color.

Last but not least, this color is superb. Maybe it's a little more of a winter color than summer, but either way, it's amazing looking on shorter nails. It almost looks black, but does have a hint of a deep burgandy shade to it. I swear, it can make anyones hands look young and hip. It's a stunning color that is as essential as a good lipstick.

If you like to paint your nails and you want a great quality product in one of the hottest shades, then this is the one to choose. It's fantastic and I can't rave highly enough of it.

Hawaiian Orchaid - Is not the original Hawaiian Orchaid OPI. Color does not come close. I still have the one I have had for years but it is almost gone because it is my go to favorite. This is nothing close to the original in terms of color and opacity. Picture included: left is original Hawaiian Orchaid and right is recently purchased product

I was convinced that I was going to love \"Fresh Frog of Belair\" because I love Kermit and I love OPI. I was sorely disappointed. I had used \"Gone Gonzo\" and apart from its difficulty of removal I did think that it was a pretty color, but even though this is the \"same\" line, the formula is not similar enough to make this a great polish.

Like \"Gone Gonzo,\" \"Fresh Frog of Belair\" is a clear polish with green microglitter and large silver glitter in it. It took SEVEN coats of this polish to cover my nails, and the coverage is still not good. It looks like a cheap drugstore polish and does not cover the edges of my nail or the tips. It looks like I have been digging in gravel and the manicure is brand new. Like other OPI polishes that have this large silver glitter, the ends of my nails were sharp enough to score glass and I had to file them after they were polished. I had to use two coats of Seche Vite topcoat to make the polish smooth enough not to catch on denim, and these NINE layers of polish will take a full thirty minutes to remove, even when using pure acetone.

The color of the microglitter is a bright, leafy green. The glitter is the same color that you can get in the cheap glitter for arts and crafts that you buy at the grocery store. It is not a deep green, has a yellow undertone, and the silver glitter all but disappears and looks like clear spots in the polish. My boyfriend was not impressed.

I don't recommend this color. \"Gone Gonzo\" and \"Gettin' Miss Piggy With It\" would be better options from the Muppets collection. There are far better greens available from OPI.

$9.99"},"specs":{"average_customer_review":"(1,649 customer reviews)

Eye popping colors great to wear daily. OPI nail polish works wonders on either natural fingernails or acrylic nails. Mix and match to complete that perfect look.

Original article and pictures take http://www.amazon.com/OPI-Lacquer-NLF16-Tickle-France-y/dp/B001E23YV0 site

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