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One Tip To Remember If You’re Building A House

One Tip To Remember If You’re Building A House

One Tip To Remember If You’re Building A House

Super advice. Seems like builders skimp on all the framing anymore. I loved your post on showing how to do the box pleats. I had no idea. Thanks for the tutorial. Hugs, Marty

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Thanks Marty! Yes, sometimes I am amazed when I am at an installation, and there doesn’t seem to be much wood around the window.

Great tip! I wish we had thought of that with the windows, but we did put “headers” in the bathrooms where we anticipated the towel bars would be hung for the same reason.

Thanks Anne! What a great idea to put headers in the bathrooms for towel racks!

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I agree that you should snap some shots of windows prior to adding the drywall. I feel that this gives you a good idea where the studs are. That way, if you need to replace a window later, you will have a better idea of which parts of the wall to cut into.

Thanks Elden, and it gives you a visual idea of where to mount window treatments into the studs.

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It does give you a visual, which would make it a lot easier, too! Thanks for the reply!

Welcome to another Window Wednesday! Today we’re going to talk about studs and headers, specifically in new houses. You’re probably wondering what studs and headers have to do with windows, but they are actually very important for the hanging of window treatments. If you’re building a house, or know someone who is, I have a tip that will help with installing your blinds and draperies after the house is finished.

Be sure to check out our Decorating With Window Treatments page for more ideas, tips and techniques for your windows!

Here’s my tip – try to take some pictures of the windows in each room, and the wall areas around them, before the drywall is put up. Below is a picture taken at a client’s new house. You can see exactly where the studs are and if there are headers above the windows. It is so helpful to have this info later when you need to hang your window treatments.

It may not be important to have this info for some kinds of blinds and valances, but can be very important if you are planning to have draperies on your windows. Traversing rods for draperies need to be (if possible) installed in studs. Especially the side where the cords are, since there can be a lot of pulling on the cords to open and close them. Draperies that are interlined and lined can also be quite heavy. If you have a picture of the wall, you can plan where you would like the brackets for the traversing rods to be installed.

Do you have any tips for planning your windows and window treatments when building a new house?

Would you like some help with your windows? If so, just send me a picture of your window. I will feature one reader’s window each month by giving some suggestions for window treatment styles and fabrics with my computer rendering program. Pictures that are taken straight on to the window, and that don’t have any type of window treatment on them already will work best. You can see examples of my client computer renderings in my gallery.

I’m partying here!

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