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Lamp-A-Looza Winners, & Hiding Those Pesky Cords

Lamp-A-Looza Winners, & Hiding Those Pesky Cords

Lamp-A-Looza Winners, & Hiding Those Pesky Cords

Even though I think I voted for option D I must say the green does look pretty nice!

Yay for green. They really bring out the green in the pillows.

The lamps look great in the space!

Just started reading yesterday thanks to the Pinterest Challenge. Green is the winner - hands down! :) Oh, and I thought I was the only person on earth that obsessed about cords not showing. I HATE them. Thanks for the tips! I use the clips for my Christmas lights, but never thought about running them along the back edge of furniture to hide the cords even more. :)

Ahhh! Command hooks, so smart! Aren't they one of the best inventions, ever?! I love the green lamps, too!

Take care,


Brilliant to use the Command strips! Now I have another question for you, unrelated to the cord situation. How do you take pictures, facing the sunlight of the window, without the image turning out super dark?! Your images are always so light and clear, whereas mine are dark and grainy. Help!

Love the green lamps and seriously, floor outlets should be standard!! Janell

That room is really coming together, Cas. I love it. And I agree with Janell, floor outlets please!!

Love the green! Look at you cord houdini!

Love the green! So so fun!!

Can I tell me where you got your couch! Love it!!

Thanks- Ran

great choice! And thanks for all the cord tips!!

I am obsessed with hiding cords. I usually cut duct tape into small pieces and tape the cord in an inconspicous spot on the back legs. I like the command hook idea and will try it for future cord hiding.

Great tips Cassie! Love your lamp choices - such a fun and bright room!

love da greennn - and reversing the direction of the little hooks... whoda thunk? great job!

Looks great!!!!

This post is cracking me up...parties and booze, male and female parts, attention hogging...sounds like a crazy college party! Yay for the green lamps - love them! And I'm so thankful for your command hook tip to deal with cords...despise those pesky things! Great job!

Hi anonymous...I love my couch too...and unfortunately, I can't link you to it! I bought it 7 years ago in Nashville, at a store called American Signature. Hope this helps!

Wow! You went with green...I knew it! Lovely room, and nice suggestion for hiding chords. We've all been there, and this is a great solution!

The green is really pretty- I like that choice. And your photos are bright and lovely! Are you using your new camera. Share your settings with the class:)

Love the tip on the Command hooks! I would also paint the cords black so that they blend in (or I guess you could wrap them in electrician's tape). I'm VERY anal about stuff like that!!! :) <3 your blog!!

Cassie...the green are unexpected and I just love them. I tend to play it safe too...but seriously sometimes you just need that push!

The green is gorge! Nice tutorial too! Cheers!

Lamps are very pretty and a good choice. The hidden cords make the room picture perfect. I am a huge fan of command hooks - simple and effective solutions in numerous situations. Thank you for sharing.

Love the new lamps - your space looks fabulous! Cords drive me crazy too - glad I'm not the only one who takes on the task of concealing them!

SUCH a great tip! Exposed lamp cords are one of my biggest pet peeves in my home; not to mention a danger with our two year old twin boys. Your suggestion about the command hooks is one I'm gonna steal! Thanks, Kerri, A Pop of Pretty, apopofpretty.com

love the green, my first choice, and they look way better than I imagined!

Love the idea of the clear clips. Thanks for the great ideas, I will have to try them on my entry table.

My first time visiting your site thanks to Pinterest. Love this tip!!! I'm going in search of command hooks today. Congratulations on a beautiful site!

The command hooks are a stroke of pure genius...they hide those pesky cords perfectly! I'm so loving the green lamps by the way, the perfect complement to the blue couch (c:

SWEET! LOVE how you hid the cords!

Just linked to this from pinterest--- love your medallion pillows-- what fabric is that? Would you mind sharing? Thx! Toushay73@gmaildotcom

This room is GORGEOUS! I love the fabrics on your pillows!

fancy! you are the cord master :) the accordian, if you will. or something like that.

when are we having tea in your living room? i feel like i know it so well by now!

Thank you so so much for the cord hiding tips. Not sure we can do too much in our current place, but we've been moving around so much (all apartments!) and every place is a new lighting challenge. I hate that in apartment living you can't put up wall or ceiling lighting, but have to settle for expensive floor lamps or find places to put table lamps near outlets. I'm thinking I might also use these tips to help with our vast number of electronics. Can't wait until everything is rechargeable like our cell phones!

I love you place and think you have done a respectable job. But I'm surprised i'm the only who cannot agree with your the duct tape and command hooks tips to hide the cords - it looks hideous, does it not?

I've often painted cords, which I think you might be able to do with your black metal table. In my family room, I have a painted cord that disappears into the side of a painted bookcase and a few inches of a painted brick wall. It's there - just doesn't call attention to itself. I'm not sure the command hooks would work on the turned legs of the console table in my foyer, but they are a great idea for running cord along the back of the piece.


So I want to know where you got that striped throw. It's totally amazing. I need it!!

Loving the green lamps!! And, I have got to get to the cord hiding thing - it's long overdue in my home.

I am dying to know where you found that floral rug! DO share :)

Hi Jori -- your profile isn't set to receive emails, so hopefully you check back here. I wish I could link you to the rug, but it belonged to my grandparents. All I know, is they bought it somewhere in New Orleans while vacationing there decades ago!

Just came across this post. I was wondering how to handle this problem myself, and thanks to you I found a solution!

Here is an idea for those other cords that lay along the baseboard.


awesome idea!! I will have to do do this! I have time for this..but not gonna spaz out on all the other ideas others posted..you did a great job!!! Thanks! Jennifer Leary

Thanks for \"cord hiding\" info. Where can you get a cord splitter? Thanks, your room looks really good!

Hi Jane -- hope you check back here to see my answer...your profile is set to not receive email. :)

You can find the cord splitter at any hardware store, and likely even places like WalMart...it's not a special order.

Hope this helps! :)

I love the idea of the Command Hooks, it looks so much nicer.

Just a note, it's a bad idea to have electrical wires running under carpets. With people walking on them wears the rubber down, eventually exposing the wires. Possible fire hazard.

I enjoyed stumbling across your site. Very informative and tasteful!

I realize this post is almost a year old, but nonetheless I saw your mention of the clear command strips and wanted to pass along my words of caution... I am obsessed with command strips and use them for everything, so I was thrilled when I found the clear ones. I used them in a holiday decorating project, but after Christmas when I went to remove the clear strips, 10 out of 12 of them removed some of my wall paint. I have never had this problem with the regular command strips before. Anyway, I am hopping that they will make some improvements to the clear strips, but in the meantime, I just wanted to through out a warning that they don't come of as clean and easy as I had hoped!

Have you tried them yet? If so, did you have the same problem, or did the clear strips work well for you?

Angela (www.blueistyle.blogspot.com)

thank you for the fab idea and tut!

Umm, you just might have the most perfect home in the world. Plus you have the cutest most unique table lamps I have ever seen! Will you come shopping with me, I need some serious help?

Hi, where is your tray and elephant from?

Last month we had our latest Lamp-A-Looza, and you guys were not shy about voicing your choices! At the rate the votes came pouring in, I feared you thought I was actually giving away a pair of lamps! Turns out, we're all just smitten with the little light sources.

Interested in the final results?

CLEAR showed up the day after the party, with only 12 votes.

BLUE was on-time and brought a delicious dip, with a solid 59 votes.

But GREEN was fashionably late, booze in hand and dancing on the tables by night's end, with an overwhelming 102 votes! I bucked the majority on the Pink vs Navy Doors....but I jumped on the bandwagon this time!

Here are the pretty new lamps for the Living Room!

I was really on the fence between the blue and green, until some of you pointed out that the blue were pretty and safe, where as the green were fun and unexpected. That sealed the deal for me, and I'm in love with these green beauties! Thank you for all your comments, votes and suggestions.

One question that pops up every time the Living Room lamps are shown, is where I plug them in and how I disguise the cords!? So today I'll tell you!

Click here for the full tutorial...

And for those of you keeping track, here's where we are the Living Room To-Do List (click the link for details on each):


Paint Backdoor (decided against it)

Add Nailhead to Wingchair

These are the For Real Final Lamps

Sand & Stain Secretary

Gold Leaf Back of Secretary

Original article and pictures take http://hisugarplum.blogspot.com/2012/03/lamp-looza-winners-hiding-those-pesky.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+HiSugarplum+(Hi+Sugarplum!)&utm_content=Google+Reader site

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