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Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

I love all those ideas — especially the one with the glass casserole dishes. I have many types and shapes and we definitely need something. I think of ALL the wasted space. Everything is piled on top of each other and there is so much room above. Thank you for some ideas.

That was my biggest problem I had to constantly dig through piles of dishes that by the time I was ready to cook I just gave up.

Oh wow! I totally want the under the sink ones! Thanks for sharing at Monday FUnday!

Thanks I love that one!

We’ve talked all about the must have tools for painting your kitchen cabinets head over and check that out ASAP because I am giving away one of the awesome tools on that list. And no the kitchen cabinets are not completely done yet but I do have another update… KEEP READING…..

Sometimes projects take far longer than ever imagined. Like painting your kitchen cabinets. Other times they are super quick and easy and take no time at all.

Oh, I was just kidding about that last part… I never have projects that are quick or easy for that matter.

Do you?

Although my kitchen renovation project is taking FOREVER and has been way more time consuming than expected. There has been one part that was super quick and easy. Customizing our kitchen cabinets for maximum organization was the easiest and quickest part of my kitchen remodel by far. It is a necessity to have an organized kitchen in order for it to be functional and to do that you have to start your KITCHEN CABINET ORGANIZATION by customizing your kitchen cabinets.

Must Have Items for Kitchen Cabinet Organization (affiliate links posted below)

I’ve been giving lots of sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook of our kitchen but I have not broken down the process of how to paint your cabinets. That is coming soon. I don’t want to jump around but since everyone is in a purging and organization mood I figured I might as well show you the organization I have implemented in the kitchen.

Then we’ll get back to painting tips. Stay tuned for how to prep your kitchen for painting.

Glass dishes were a nightmare for me. They are heavy and hard to get in and out of a normal cabinet when they are all stacked up. I installed two Rev-A-Shelf – 5WB1-1218-CR – 12\u2033 Single Wire Basket (18\u2033 Depth) in these cabinets. In the right hand cabinet I place a Organized Living Large 4 Sort Divider, White (10.5\u2033W x 10.25\u2033L x 6\u2033H) . This divider is awesome because it fit right down in the RevA Shelf rack. It was a happy little accident.

Installation of the Rev a Shelf systems is really easy. You simply use a drill to drill the bottom pieces in and then the drawers slide in. This actually was a very easy project… for once!

I used that same divider above the microwave to organize tall pans. It’s very versatile and there’s no installation required.

The Rev-A-Shelf – 5CW2-1222-CR – 12\u2033 Two-Tier Cookware Organizer was a game changer. This system has made life so much easier and it has actually been more like a life changer. All of these pots and pans and lids took up two cabinets and now they are neatly consolidated in to one cabinet. The lid organizer makes my heart sing. I just love it so much.

Installing this system was a little trickier only because there was an existing upper shelf in this cabinet that had to be removed. Removing that permanent shelf was hard. It took some sawing and extreme hammering to get that darn thing out.

Nothing is more annoying than not being able to quickly find a tool or utensil that you need. I’m more of a tool girl but my husband loves to cook. However he could never find any thing in our kitchen. The Lipper International Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Dividers, Set of 2 are spring loaded expandable wood pieces that create separation in your drawers. Now you can at least have some sort of method to the utensil madness.

Installation is as simple for these inserts there is no gluing or drilling. Simply just place them in your drawer by squeezing the two ends together and releasing them in the drawer.

Another life changer was this Totally Bamboo Expandable Utility Drawer Organizer. Before changing to a bamboo organizer I had an plastic one. The plastic ones are pretty shallow. I like how this one is taller and holds a lot of utensils. Again installation is as simple as placing it in a drawer and stretching it to that size.

The last system I installed for organization was the One Piece (544-10C-1) chrome caddy. Rev-A-Shelf Under Sink Pull-Out Chrome Caddy. I have tons of cleaning supplies and actually have a plan to build a whole shelf for them but the essential ones will now live in this caddy.

The best thing about this caddy is that it easily slides in and out of the cabinet insert. It can be toted around the house and then slid right back in.

What do you thing? Are you convinced that customizing your Kitchen cabinets for maximum organization is the way to go?

If so make sure you

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