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How to Paint Chairs the Easy Way

How to Paint Chairs the Easy Way

How to Paint Chairs the Easy Way

I love it. Is the finish nice and smooth or do you get more bubbles with the high powered spray?

It's super smooth. We were super impressed at how well it finished!

Did you use a high gloss paint? Did you use any type of sealer? How is the paint holding up? Is it chipping?

We used an eggshell paint. We used a furniture wax to seal them. They have held up great so far!

What kind of prep did you do before priming? I have a table and chairs set that is screaming to be refinished, but just the thought of sanding in all the little nooks and crannies makes me want to cry!

Just a light sanding!

How easy/fast is the equipment/sprayer to clean? I've only heard nightmares on cleaning them which is why we haven't thought to invest in one.

We were nervous about clean up too. It's quick. You just run water through the sprayer. Definitely better than things we have used in the past!

Can you use it with chalk paint?

Never tried it so I can't say for sure.

I am more of a blue or white chair colors

I like the yellow. It's happy.

What type of primer did you in the graco paint gun? Did it clog?

I have the exact chairs to refinish! + I think that the yellow was a good choice. I am planning to do each chair a different bright color and \"dip\" the legs in gold. The table will be slate grey with a high gloss finish for durability and the hutch with be a dark gunmetal grey. Just waiting for the weather to change so I can take it outside and get it done, I am so excited to see it comet life- more so now that I've seen your smile inducing buttercup wonders! :-)

How long after the coat of primer did you paint? I got the Homeright finish sprayer for Christmas and I am stoked to use it!

We waited about 30 minutes. The coats dry quickly.

LOVE the color choice. Cheerful and sophisticated. Looks like it will go with and compliment most anything.

It's not too bold. Buttercup is a soft color. You picked out a great color that should go with a lot of other colors as well.

Hello! Can you remember what brand of white primer did you use? I am going to be doing this at the weekend. Very exciting. You've been on my Pinterest board for ages.

I don't remember for sure. Depends what we find in our basement. We usually have Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 on hand. We've used it for many projects with great results each time!

Bought my graco paint sprayer this weekend and I have the exact same chairs to paint. Thanks for the post!

Did you have to sand your chairs down first?

Absolutely love the color

Over time have you seen a decrease in preformance? I've been wanting a sprayer for so long but I just can decide!

Spray paint is SO expensive!!

We have used it a few times since this project with no issues!

Do you think a paint sprayer would work on repainting porch railings and spindles?


Just came across this post on Pinterest. I have dining chairs I have been putting off painting because I thought it would be a hassle. I think I'll try it this way! Thanks for sharing and I absolutely love the yellow color!

I am about to paint my chairs and was debating brush or spray. Thanks to you, I remember my husband HAS a paint sprayer already - will have to check it out! Also was planning white, but I might get more creative now. LOVE the Buttercup!

You did a great job on the chairs and I'm impressed with the color. Good choice. Oh, and thanks for the review on the paint sprayer. I have a few DIY paint projects coming up soon and the sprayer sounds like a super smart investment than buying oodles of spray paint cans.

just want you to know that your chairs look fantastic!~ and I personally think since this \"pin\" is getting so much attention Graco ought to send you some cash for advertising---or maybe a bigger better sprayer for future projects. Either way--chairs look great and I'm LOVING the yellow!!!

That's not fair! Spray painting is cheating! ;-) I was hoping to see a good ol' paint-brush job!

That's definitely not the easy way!. :)

I wish you'd inluded a photo of them in place inside your home.

You can see them here http://decorandthedog.net/deco...

or on our house tour page at the top!

Where did you purchase the sprayer?


I happen to love bright colors and for me the yellow is a bit on the tame side...I usually paint in rainbow stripes or dots but I like the idea of getting something to fully be a new fresh color as quickly as possible! Love it I'll be looking into sprayers now!

Like the yellow color alot. Where did you end up spraying the water when you cleaned out the sprayer? I have a garage and a lawn so don't know what surface you are spraying it on. I'll use this trick for sure. Thanks

Love the color! It's great to experience bright and happy colors inside your home!

Love it! Plus, I too love using the term \"What's up Buttercup?\" or better yet, sometimes if I'm angry, I'll use....\"Just suck it UP Buttercup!\"

OK, I love this and have been wanting to do this for ages. I have similar spindle back chairs that are about 30 years old. A lot of stain and finish has been worn off in places, but the seated area looks glossy still, like yours. You say a light sanding, and I sooo want to believe you. Because it would make me so VERY happy. How light a sanding did you do? And I imagine you sanded the entire chair? What did you use to sand? Just sand paper or those sanding block type thingys?

I'm tackling this project soon. Thanks for the painting tip!

I just got my paint sprayer today. So excited. Now have to learn how to use it. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and this is really going to help me. Your projects are so great. I want to do them all. I love your blog.

Ummmm....they look FANTASTIC!!! What does the rest of your dining table situation look like? We bought our table and chairs from Craigs List and they are well used and could use a little TLC. Thanks for this post. Lisa

lol I have to laugh, bugger the husband, great new toy for me. Love your work :)

Absolutely love the color and the finished product. Look out.....I'm gonna paint everything in the house!!!

Love the color. And, seeing as I just painted 4 chairs and a table, this is going to be my Xmas gift to me. Thanks again looks great

I know it's been a couple of years since you posted this, but I have a question before I head out to Lowe's to buy one.-where there any other attachements, etc that you purchased in addition to what was in the box? Has the sprayer held up well over time? I have about 30 chairs in my house ! All lovely and waiting for a coat of paint. thanks!

The paint sprayer is such a great investment! Have you tried Farmhouse Paint? It goes on easily, doesn't require any prep or topcoat. Check out our website at www.farmhousepaint.com!

This is one of those posts where it's a \"Why didn't we do this sooner?\" kind of thing.

This weekend we tackled our dining chairs. (Along with 1 million other things. We're actually hosting a party next weekend and it's been good motivation for us to get some crap done. Sorry I wrote crap but cleaning carpets, touching up trim, and clearing out dead flowers are all crap things.)

Our chair project was actually quite fun! Seriously. Fun. Because we bought a paint sprayer!

We purchased the Graco Spraystation 2900. (Key word \"purchased\". Graco doesn't know about us.) We decided to break down and buy a paint sprayer because we needed a more economical way to paint furniture. Spray paint is expensive and I was using a lot of it. We have a ton of paint in our basement that needs used. Welcome to your new home little paint sprayer.

We decided to go with the Graco Spraystation 2900 paint sprayer based on reviews in Family Handyman. HVLPs are quieter than other pump sprayers. There is less over spray. The paint dries faster. It has a fine finish that is good for furniture.

The paint sprayer is easy to use. We found that you need to use small strokes and keep the nozzle a consistent distance away from the piece of furniture. It's best to move your whole arm and not just your wrist. Ladies, I recommend this paint sprayer because then your husband will be all like \"Yay. New toy. Will paint wife's furniture for her.\" Wise investment.

This paint sprayer is so fantastic that we were able to complete three coats (primer and 2 coats of paint) in 1 hour. I would still be painting these chairs 3 weeks from now without it. Best DIY investment we've made in a long time!

Here's round 1, the primer.

Next is where things get crazy. We hemmed and hawed on what color to paint the end chairs. We wanted them to stand out but we were also nervous about them being crazy. We decided to go big or go home and try a color. We went Olympic's Gold Buttercup. Which is perfect because one of my favorite sayings lately is \"What's up, Buttercup?\"

It's bright. We think we like it. It's a little bolder than our traditional style. But it's growing on us. Or is it too bold? Eh. It's only paint. If we don't like it, we'll bust out the paint sprayer again!

What do you think of the color? Be kind. :P Are you a fan of the ol' paint sprayer?

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