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How to Build a Farmhouse Bench (for under $20)

How to Build a Farmhouse Bench (for under $20)

How to Build a Farmhouse Bench (for under $20)

Am I right in thinking you don’t need a compound mitre saw, just a regular ole mitre saw will do it? Nothing is cut one 2 angles, right?

I made a slight modification – I used two 2 x 8s as the seat instead of 2 x 4s. Cost was the same, made for a more even seat. Otherwise, loved it!

Hello – I’ve made all of my cuts, but with each leg, I find that the top piece (14\u2033 cut) does not sit flush with the two boards that support it. Is this normal?

This is awesome! I need a bench for our small entryway and this may be the one! Headed over to Home Depot now to get all the details!

how do you attached the diagonal supports?

I’m wondering the same thing. The attachment will need to be strong, but it won’t be possible to use the Kreg Jig for this angle. I’m about to build this bench. If you came up with an answer (since your comment was a year ago) can you share your solution? Otherwise, I’ll figure it out. Hope your bench building went well!

Hi there,

I used the kreg jig to attach the angled pieces as well. I’ll update my post with a picture.

Thanks, Natalie. I’m halfway through building my first one. I’m trying to understand the diagonal braces. Is their purpose to give extra support to the legs so they don’t splay? If so, they would need to attach directly to the legs. If the purpose is to give extra support to the seat, then they make sense the way they are. Also, I’ve seen them in the reverse direction, but don’t understand the purpose. Are they purely decorative? I’m building several of these for my classroom. They need to be strong as a brick. Thanks!

How do you attach the diagonal supports?

I am making the bench right now following the home depot directions but I can’t figure out how high from the ground you attached the first brace to the side legs to create a full leg. WOW that doesn’t make sense. I am doing the very first step but have no idea how high to attache the first piece. I am worried that will effect the cross bars later. Any tips?

Hi Tamara,

I attached my brace 2 inches from the ground. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the comment!

Wonderful! Thank you. I followed a mix of your and ana whites plans and figured out you did 2 inches from the ground and also 1 1/2 from the sides on the top. (for anyone else who tries to build it) It turned out great! Thanks for the fantastic tutorial Natalie!

Love the bench for my front porch that I have given a facelift, to. My dad and I are building this together. It was a little more than $20 but worth it! Ty!

Love the bench! Wondering what paint color is on your wall in these pics?

Love the bench!! Wondering what color you have on your walls in these pics?

The paint color is BERG from Sherwin Williams!

I can’t find the paint color “berg” in my SW fan deck. Are you sure that was the name or brand?

This looks fantastic!! Unfortunately, you didn’t link to the HD blog correctly, so I had to go dig through their archive to find it For anyone else who doesn’t want to have to dig, here’s a direct link to the post: http://ext.homedepot.com/community/blog/diy-project-farmhouse-bench/

Thanks for sharing! I SO want to make this for my farmhouse style kitchen table!

Thank you for posting the link!

Thank you!

Thanks Michelle. I’ve updated the link now, so we should be good

The bench looks great in your space. I love the stained top and painted legs!

This turned out fantastic Natalie! And so excited for you to be featured on the Home Depot blog!

Love the look and the price! These projects are a reminder to start building my power tool collection. Thanks Natalie!

Great bench! Hard to believe it only cost $20.00. Great job!

It’s AWESOME & exactly what we need in a few places in our new home. For $20 – I can make one for each spot. FABULOUS!

[…] image source […]

[…] 14. DIY Farmhouse Bench […]

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One of my all-time biggest dreams is to partner with Home Depot on a project for my home. I grew up going to the Home Depot with my dad, and helping him on projects for our home, or getting “craft wood” for my mom to make decorations. Now my kids are doing the same thing with my husband and me. So you can imagine how excited I am to share this project I worked on with the Home Depot. Today I am over on their blog, sharing how to build a farmhouse bench for my entryway.

These plans came from Ana White, and instructions from Shanty 2 Chic.

Oh, and this was the project that made me fall in love with my Kreg Jig. If you don’t have one, you should think about asking Santa for one, because it will change your furniture building life.

This farmhouse bench was super quick and easy. So easy, in fact, that I built it 100% all by myself. The only help I needed from my husband was carrying it into the house. It looks amazing in our entryway, and really opens the space up and adds a farmhouse feel to our home. (And how cute is my Doily Wreath in that giant frame?)

After I built my farmhouse bench, I added some super simple board and batten to my entryway. Um, hello. Isn’t it adorable? Get the full tutorial by clicking {here}

This bench cost LESS than $20? That’s a smokin’ deal. And it means that this is the perfect project for you to try yourself (and you can ask your husband for help if you want, I won’t judge).

This would be the perfect bench next to a dining table, in the entryway like I have it, or even around the fire pit in the back yard. The sleek look and clean lines of this bench really make it a show stopper, nobody will know you only spend 20 bones on this baby. And your husband will think you’re pretty cool, too.

Please click over to The Home Depot Blog to get the full plans and instructions.


And, if you like this bench, you might like some of my other DIY home projects:


Original article and pictures take http://www.thecreativemom.com/build-farmhouse-bench-20/ site

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