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DIY Floating Shelf

DIY Floating Shelf

DIY Floating Shelf

I recently made faux succulent planters and wanted a unique way to display them, and do it on a budget. I came up with the idea for a floating shelf!

Then I picked up a round wooden plate from Home Depot, and grabbed my yarn and scissors.

Cut about 50 pieces of yarn, each about 1 1/2 yards long. Tie a knot in the center. This will be placed in the center of your wooden plate.

Split this yarn into 4 parts and place the knot on the middle of the wooden plate with each of the 4 parts going in opposite directions. Twist or braid your yarn on all 4 sides.

Find somewhere high to hang it, then tie a big knot at the end of the yarn, bringing it all back together.

Carefull place your board in the middle of all the yarn, making sure it's level.

To see more: http://placeofmytaste.com/2015/08/diy-floating-shelf.html

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