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DIY Fairy Gardens

DIY Fairy Gardens

DIY Fairy Gardens

Being out in my garden relaxes me—even the smallest tasks, like pulling weeds and watering, put me at ease. My girls have fun with it, too, and love feeling like they’re helping mom out. A few years back we started our little “fairy garden” tradition as a way for my girls to get more involved and have their own little miniature gardens to take care of. And also I just really love miniature things.

A fairy garden is basically a planter with small houses and tiny accessories fit for a “fairy” sized person added in. My girls like to pretend when we’re not in the garden that fairies are living in the little habitats we’ve set up for them. I’ll admit, I also like to imagine fairies flying in and out of these sweet little gardens. They’re the sweetest things and, as an added bonus, teach my girls the accountability of caring for their own plants.

Putting together your own fairy garden is simple! Choose your plant (or plants) and pot it in a vessel large enough that there’s room leftover for your fairy’s house, silos, accessories or whichever structures you want to add in. Set the structures up however you like, and your plants will eventually grow around your fairy’s house!

Your local greenhouse or landscape supplier should have the plants you need. Many of them have smaller plants that work great and they may also carry the tiny decor that makes these gardens so sweet. In the near future we’ll also be adding a garden shop at the Silos that will carry fairy garden accessories!

The Spring is the perfect time to plant so whether you do a fairy garden with your kids or plant something for yourself, it’s always good to get your hands dirty. This has been such a fun thing for my girls and I to do together. It’s so fun to watch them run out to the greenhouse every day after school to try to catch the fairies in action

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