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All jammed up. Wouldn't spray

All jammed up. Wouldn't spray

All jammed up. Wouldn't spray

where are the photos of the volcano? i'll have to try this someday :)

lol to the volcano pics

just add some baking soda to some vinegar -- you can watch your own : ))

Word of advice: Mix these ingredients IN the shower. Now I'm not only cleaning my shower today but my kitchen ceiling as well! Haha, oh well. I'd always wanted the science fair volcano experience. ��

Putting baking soda on my grocery list (I know, I can't believe I don't have any, either) and I'm going to try this - love your side-by-side comparison shots!

I have a 13 pound bag of baking soda from Costco in my laundry room! My husband that I was nutty buying such a quantity but it is about half way full.

Sorry. That should have said \"My husband THOUGHT I was nutty. . .\"

Almost like my fourth grade science volcano project. Its a must for anyone with grammar school children

It really does work. We didn't use the baking soda, just the Dawn & vinegar, 1 cup of each. But the secret is heating the vinegar up. The recipe we found said to heat for 2 minutes and mix with the soap. Worked great.

Haven't tried it yet but I do not think it will work. Bastille soap and vinegar de sopifies the soap and baking soda and vinegar make water that is a little like slightly salty water so not sure how that would help.

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It works awesome!!! I mix it up before I go to bed and in the morning, it rinses clean with little to no scrubbing!!! Gets all the soap grim out of those little pebble shapes in the bottom of the tub that my husband used to take steel wool too!!! Best recipe ever and no nasty Clorox smell either!! Becky

Amazing! I also have trouble getting a clean shower. We're moving this weekend and I think I'll try this instead of Kaboom (which I just bought but it gave me a horrific headache and I almost vomited even with ventilation).

I can't wait to try it. I cleaned one bathroom today, wish I had read this first.


Trying this this week

Thank you for posting this,

dawn is some crazy powerful stuff! I use it to strip my cloth diapers, too!

How did you spread it with the washcloth? Swishing or dabbing? How long did you let it sit? I need this so bad!! I can't get it clean in the floor pores with the hard water and calcium--so frustrating. I've tried brushing with soft scrub and other cleaners. Even had a professional come out and it was okay for a short time. Thanks so much for the tip!

oven cleaner does a great job, spray it on and leave it for a few minutes and I use a Mr. Clean sponge and wipe it off and it looks like a brand new tub and shower.....

I know this was a year ago but a majority of people use the recipe above to avoid using harsh chemicals that are bad for you and the environment. I would never spray oven cleaner on my body so I sure the heck wouldn't soak my tub in it...

ummm, would you spray vinegar, baking soda and dawn on your body ??

I know this might sound *smart ass*, but with all due respect, once you clean the chemicals out of the tub/shower, it's Not like your going to be soaking your body in *Oven Cleaner, just a thought ...

Oven Cleaners have a lot of very harmful chemicals

that are washed down the drain and into the environment. I would not spray something this caustic on a surface that my family bathes in, even if it is washed away.

Robin 722 I would spray the vinegar, Dawn and baking soda on my body before I'd use oven cleaner, lol. I got this concoction on my right hand while mixing it and I must say - my skin is uber soft on that hand while my other hand is dry. I wouldn't recommend this as a skin treatment, but I daresay oven cleaner would have had a far different effect.

They say oven cleaner, which I have tried and it worked well, will take the porous off your tub, decided I shouldn't do that again, that would be a worse mess than I have, trying this recipe today!

I use vinegar and baking soda in my hair and to wash my face. When my hair is super oily I use dawn to wash it out.

Can't say I'd do that with oven cleaner...

I use vinegar and baking soda in my hair and to wash my face. When my hair is super oily I use dawn to wash it out.

Can't say I'd do that with oven cleaner...

I would say, considering you can eat vinegar and baking soda, and you wash dishes with Dawn, I feel much safer cleaning my tub with that, rather than oven cleaner. Not to mention, they use Dawn to bath wildlife that have been taken in oil spills. Have you looked at the chemicals in oven cleaner? Incredibly toxic. Just the fumes alone are dangerous.

We used a sponge to apply. Worked great. Amazing! I wonder how it would work on toilets.

Heating vinegar doesn't make a difference. Baking Soda and Vinegar will ALWAYS have that reaction, hot or cold. So just pour slowly. =)

Rofl! Thank you for saying this! I thought that was everyone's first science experiment in elementary school.

It helps the dish soap blend in a bit better. I heated the vinegar, mixed in the dish soap and poured that in my stoppered sink. Then added the baking soda. I got a gooey sludge that was easy to spread. I'm trying a theory for cleaning the drains, too. If it's nice and oozy it'll stick to the sides of the pipes and the vinegar will slowly eat away at some of the build up in there so I unstoppered the sink and the goop made its way slowly down the drain for about 3 minutes.

I don't have a microwave, so how much do you think I should heat the vinegar on the stove? Just until it steams? To slightly boiling?

Thank you for sharing this! I just smeared the paste all over one of my bathtubs and I am on my way to do the next one! I am excited to have an alternative to chemicals especially since I have a baby now. I hate the idea of any chemicals being left in the bathtub I am going to soak her in!

P.S. I put the baking soda in really slowly and I didn't have a huge volcano reaction...kind of like opening a fizzy bottle of soda....

the heating of the vinegar is to help the Dawn and the vinegar to mix together well. You could just use those two together in a bottle and sprinkle baking soda if you need extra oomph.

I just applied to my tub. I live in an apt, the tub has been repainted so many times i dont even know. Every time I clean it, paint comes off. So I am hoping this will take off the grossness.

The paint comes off because they painted it wrong. You have to sand the surface to get the paint to stick. I had this happen to me when I lived in an apartment too.

The paint comes off because they painted it wrong. You have to sand the surface to get the paint to stick. I had this happen to me when I lived in an apartment too.

The paint comes off because they painted it wrong. You have to sand the surface to get the paint to stick. I had this happen to me when I lived in an apartment too.

Did anyone try and worked?? Vinegar and soda cause an explosion, hot or cold...I've tried other 'shower cleaners, 'guaranteed to work'...they didn't (Borax for example) Success stories anyone?

I just used dawn and vinegar in a spray bottle. Half and half. Shake to mix. Sit for a couple of hours. Rinse (I used shower .sprayer and hot water) As for vinegar and baking soda.put soda down the drain, chase it with vinegar. It cleans the drain. Run hot water after it. AND IT WORKS!

Did anyone use non original blue dawn? Like the bleach version instead?

I used Palmolive. I'm not so sure about it as the shower doesn't look any different after 20 minutes, but I also haven't applied elbow grease yet. The Palmolive says, \"tough on grease, gentle on hands,\" so we'll see. The concoction mixed with something in the shower because it smells like hair dye or a perm is being applied! My sink doesn't smell like that.

You don't really need the baking soda, altho I can't imagine it would hurt except for the explosions with the vinegar...I use 12oz vinegar heated one minute in the microwave and added to 12oz of Dawn in the spray bottle - shake and spray everywhere in the shower and leave. Come back with a scrub brush, your fave shampoo and conditioner and in no time it is sparkly :)

Updating...after I let it sit for 3 hours, I washed it off with a little scrubbing. The statins are still there. No luck

This worked amazingly For me..couldn't. Believe it..i had tried everything..thank you!!!!

Would this work on non-white tile and grout? I'm looking for something to get rid of the hard water buildup and soap scumminess.

Often hard water is boron, which is harder to get off than regular mineral deposits. A couple of things to try: 1. lay a paper towel over the rust or hard water stain. Spray with vinegar and let sit. Repeat spraying to keep it moist for at least a couple of hours. 2. If others have tried cleaning with drano or oven cleaner, those are strong acids and may do great, however they melt plastic and erode protective coatings, so you may have etching. If not, try barkeeper's friend, it's an acid derived from spinach and will cut through hard water, rust and soap scum. 3. Make a paste from comet scrub into cracks, let sit overnight. Scrub while rinsing. Sometimes they just won't come clean.

Hope those help!

They sell the correct stone in a stick form at many grocery stores. It is in a red, white, and blue box, and it is called \"Pumie Scouring Stick\" Works like a charm!

When all else fails on tile and grout, try foaming carpet cleaner. Spray the shower down.....brush with a stiff brush and rinse. Amazing difference! Even removes mildew and soap scum!

\"Pumie scouring stick\" is a pumice stone. I got a pumice stone at the Dollar Tree, and it worked well on the ring of calcium buildup that was stained in my toilets and nothing else did work. Another thing that MIGHT work is a thick, cling type of \"lime away.\" But the pumice stone is cheaper but takes longer. The lime away does have smell and must be rinsed thoroughly (and you must use gloves when using it -- although you'll probably want to wear gloves when scrubbing the toilet with a pumice stone.

I haven't tried on tile and grout. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

the heating of the vinegar does help the three ingredients blend together better, I think, having tried the same three ingredients before without heating.

I have to say that I have used only Dawn and Vinegar to clean my shower and it DID not work. I did a lot of scrubbing, too. I am eager to try the addition of the baking powder. That said, has anyone found anything that successfully cleans the ucky brown hard water stains off the inside rim of the toilet?

A can of regular coca cola, let sit until it stops fizzing then scrub with toilet brush

Pumice stone removes toilet stains instantly. Use it like an eraser.

Agreed. Pumice stone will make a horrible toilet look brand new.

Is it the same kind of pumice stone used for feet? Or is there a special kind for cleaning? The hard water ring around my toilet bowls are annoying...no matter how hard I scrub they're still there!

It is a special kind, sold in the cleaning section of your store. One important thing, wet it first. If you use it dry it leaves terrible scratches, take it from someone who knows first hand. I have well water and my toilet sparkles.

I used CLR and a toothbrush. Worked like a charm.

Pumice is best for the toilets...........I've used it on the shower as well, but it's very time consuming!

I have used this vinegar and Dawn on my toilets also. I spray and leave it Asa long as I want and then scrub. If I need more cleaning then I spray and wait again. Honestly, a shiny potty is such a feeling of success. I am going to add the baking soda but I think I will add it on the cleaning moment. That way I have option of the baking soda or not. Thank for sharing all your tips.

Just wondering if it has to be dawn or can it be any liquid dish soap?

magic eraser in toilet overnight..and next morning clean ring in toilet..

To Deb, so you just put the magic eraser in the toilet, leave it over night. And that's it?

@Marcy, surely you jest .....

For the ring in the toilet ,I bought a pumice stone on Amazon...and wow...rings and hard water lines gone(even if they have been there forever) NO HORRIBLE smell and it worked! Do not be afraid that it will damage the porcelain....it won't. I will be trying this method to clean the shower too!

I had tried the coke,magic eraser,and lemonade koolaid mixes and none worked. I swear by the pumice stone!

We have very hard water and I swear by Barkeepers Friend to clean the toilet. I sprinkle it around the toilet, let it sit awhile and then use a toilet brush to scrub off grunge. You don't need to scrub hard and the toilet is sparkling bright.

It worked!!! My bath tub is clean. Thank you for putting it on Pinterest!

Put it all over my yellowed fiberglass bathtub and left the house to run errands. I came home scrubbed it all off with very little effort except for the bending over the tub, and presto! Like new!

It worked for me too. I let it sit for only an hour and did heat the vinegar. A little scrubbing did the trick. I have hard well water. I will do this again.

My shower is made out of some kind of plastic. Soo hard to clean. Will it work on mine?

I am going to do this right now.

I tried this as well but sprinkle/cover the bottom of the shower with the baking soda, and mixed the vinegar and dawn together and just poured it on top of baking soda then mixed around with a scrubber brush. Omitting volcano making a mess it just had a stronger reaction on the grim :-)

I do the same as organizing mom. I put the vinegar and dawn in spray bottle and sprinkle the baking soda and then spray it.

Pumice stone for toilet rings. Works great!

Why is it always Dawn? I am so allergic to the smell of Dawn & when I have washed dishes with it my hands break out!

Although this may work for some, for my shower which is not smooth it did not get it white again. I am really looking for something that will get it WHITE again. I am sure that its clean but it did not removed the grime enough for for shower to look new again. Dang! on to something else I guess!

We have *hard* water and I couldn't get the textured fiberglass floor of our shower clean for anything. I've had really good luck with EZ Off oven cleaner (BLUE can only. Yellow contains chemicals you don't want in your shower) - spray, wait 20min or so and wipe clean. I recently have used a paste of borax and water, sit for 30-45 min and scrubbed with a brush. Takes a couple of applications but works really well, too.

If you use a squigee everytime you shower it really helps cut down on the soap scum. Zest is suppose to be better in the shower. Less soap scum. Also bounce dryer sheets help to clean a glass shower door.

Kaboom really does work if you can stand the smell of it. And for my toilet I use \"Lysol with lime & rust remover\" toilet bowl cleaner it's in a black bottle also works great

Warm vinegar is more...\"active\". It still has the same properties and effects, it just sort of speeds up the \"activity\" that involves its use as a cleaning agent. Overheating will cause the acid to be \"spent\" too quickly, resulting in the need for multiple applications, as its interaction with the soap and soda will also speed up. \"Interaction\" changes the composition - i.e. it will be \"spent\" and no longer BE \"vinegar\" before its done \"interacting with\"/\"cleaning\" the grime. Just warm, not hot.

I can't wait to try this. As far as toilets, I see a lot of posts on what to use, I have found THE BEST toilet bowl cleaner. Seriously, it does,t matter how bad it is it will work miracles, although if it's really bad you'll just need to repeat a couple of times. Ok, ok... It's a dollar store find and I am SO happy I actually order it online by the case. I have 3 restrooms and 4 boys, so believe me you, it gets used. Anyway, it's called \"the WORKS Basic\" deodorizing toilet bowl cleaner. I wish I could attach a pic. Try it. You will not be disappointed. I purchase it at the 99 cent store.

Doesn't work!! :(

Once you take the vinegar out of your microwave, wipe it down. Heating vinegar is a great way to clean your microwave! Work smart, not harder!

I totally agree with Laura regarding the toilet cleaner. The Works cleaner from the Dollar store is the best I have found for rust & hard water deposits where I live. I am going to try the vinegar, Dawn & baking soda trick for the tub very shortly though for my own experience.

I agree about using \"The Works\" toilet bowl cleaner. I was told they used to make a shower cleaner, but I can't find it anywhere. This product worked wonders for my bathrooms when we moved into a foreclosed home. I thought I was going to have to replace the toilets and bathtubs because nothing was taking the grime and stains out. This is the only thing that worked. I will try the vinegar, Dawn, baking soda solution for my standing shower.

I found the works shower cleaner at home depot. I have used the toilet cleaner for years. I get it at Wal-Mart.

This was a bust for me. With all that dish soap, it took forever to rinse it all out! Plus I'm sure I raised my water bill after having to rinse out all three of our showers!

Agreed. There were **SO** many suds! Maybe if used in a spray bottle it wouldn't be as big of a bubbly mess because there'd be less solution being used.

If you add the Dawn before the baking soda, you get less fizz. You can already have the Dawn and baking soda mixed into a paste and then slowly mix in the warmed vinegar if you like. That works too. I prefer the stove top instead of the microwave for heating vinegar. Just don't heat it so hot.

If you put the baking soda in a container and then slowly pour in the vinegar, a little at a time, it won't over flow.

Tried it and it actually worked! For those that can't use dawn try dove soap

I would Never use dove, it's entirely made up of too many oils....those are the kinds of soap that leave all the residue in the shower ..

There is a product called Lime Away, it works great for hard water stains and stains in toilet. Walmart sells it in the cleaning section.Just pour a little in the toilet and use a cleaning brush and you don't have to scrub hard.

The reaction between the baking soda and the vinegar not need be a mess, instead, let it help you clean for you! Make a paste out of the Dawn & Baking Soda and apply to the tub. Then spray your vinegar on.

This is completely brilliant! And so incredibly easy. My sister was saying the other say that she hired a commercial cleaning perth company, and they did almost the exact same thing to get all the nasty stains off her sinks, toilets, and bathtubs! It really is amazing what can build up in a bathroom, even when you clean on a regular basis. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm excited to try it, and see my bathroom shine!

I am trying it now. Going to give it 2 hrs and back to wipe out.

WOW! Thank you so much for posting this... I tried it today on my shower that I haven't been able to get sparkling clean for several years, and it worked great! Thank you for taking the time to post the pictures and give such helpful info. I'm so excited... I keep looking at my clean shower and feeling happy that it looks like new again. : )

How is this w well water? I just moved and the rusty deposits in my tubs here are Impossible! -missing the city! Lol

Thanks for posting this cleaner recipe. I just tried it on my tub and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much! The smell is so much nicer than the strong cleaner chemicals and not a lot of scrubbing was needed. I did scrub with a sponge after waiting 2 hours, just to give a little boost, and the dirt just disappeared. I rinsed the tub and now it's nice and clean. Thanks again!

Im trying this as we speak. I quadrupled the formula and boiled the vinegar on the stove but i didnt have enough Dawn. Added baking soda slowly and poured all over shower floor. Swished around with scrub brush....fyi: baking soda/water paste works well on rust. Let it sit for a few then scrub

This WORKS great! But, you do NOT need the baking soda at all. I also found the 'recipes' on Pinterest, and found that 2 parts white vinegar and 1 part Dawn dish liquid does the trick. It's true that you do not even have to scrub (at least, I didn't). The fumes are kinda nasty (while definitely not toxic like commercial cleaners), so I recommend spraying down your shower then leaving the room for at least 30 mins (can even wait overnight if you want), then just spray down the walls with water as you wipe off.

Oh, and you do not have to heat the vinegar, either :-)

I followed the directions and had great success. I have a textured plastic tub bottom, along with a drain that tends to clog, and the result is really yucky scummy grime that is hard to clean off. I was getting discouraged with the brownish dirt spots on the floor, just like in the photo. I put it on and tried wiping it off after 30 minutes--nope. So I said, okay, we'll see what happens after 2 hours. I then forgot about it and left it for half a day. It really did wipe off with the wascloth and just a teensy bit of elbow grease. I have a whiter, shinier tub than I have in years! I'll definitely be repeating this method. It also worked on the hard water scum on the tile and on the metal spout, etc.

That was a waste of time. My tub still looks the same plus I ended up with tons of suds to contend with. I truly wish I could find a product to actually make my tub look clean when I clean it.

or you could just sprinkle the tub w baking soda and then add the dawn and vinegar mixture to avoid a mess

I used this same solution to clean the grout in my kitchen. It worked miracles...the grout is as clean as when they first laid the tile. :-)

Wow!!!! First I must say that I did not have \"dawn\" on hand. I used 'Palmolive\" instead. Worked like a charm - - better than I expected. I used a wash cloth and rubbed it in. I let it sit for exactly 2 hours. Turned on the shower and viola a shiny clean tub... Why I have never heard of this is puzzling. I have already shared with my friends and family.... =)

So I think the baking soda is really some prankster's idea of fun. Mixing it with vinegar is a guaranteed mess.I've done exactly this recipe WITHOUT the baking soda. No volcano. Great results. Stays in the bottle. Gets rid of all kinds of nasty stuff.

I have a carpet cleaner recipe that I make (awesome) and it calls for vinegar and baking soda too. I have an old milk jug that's washed & rinsed out. It doesn't make a mess that way.

Do you have a miracle recipe for doggy poop and pee stains in carpets? It smells!

I did it and it does work. I ddidn't have dawn dishsoap but some I got at the dollar store but it worked just great :)

Hallo, I'd like to try this but what is c? and T?

1/2 c? white vinegar

1/2 c? Original Blue Dawn Dish Soap

4 T? Baking Soda

Thank you

C=cup, T=Tablespoon

I tried this and while it did help, nothing helped as much as this Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Kit.


It took off dark stains in a 40 year old bathtub.

Thanks, I've been wondering about that. I have a 35 year old tub that's gross even after I clean it. I've tried Kaboom, scrubbing bubbles, Works toilet bowl cleaner, etc. Nothing takes off the soap scrum. I will try the Mr. Clean Magic eraser Bath kit if this doesn't work. Tired of the chemical smell with no results!

Love the results. Because it really cleans off the scum and any other residue, there is not the build up that you usually get. Use it to clean my bath/shower, basin and toilet. Going to try it on my porch next.

C is a cup

T is a tablespoon

t is a teaspoon

This really works even on the glass shower doors. But would use less dawn dish soap next time.

To clean a

lime ring in toilet, I have tried ALL the cleaners, with negative results. I bought a 'Pumie Scouring Stick'. Very inexpensive, & it worked! I thought it would scratch the porcelain but it didn't! I am so very pleased with the out come! It was hard on my hands though, next time I will wear rubber gloves! Totally amazed!

To clean lime stain from your toilet, I used a Pumie brand 'Scouring Stick' and was totally amazed! It really worked! I have tried ALL the cleaners & this actually worked!

I tried it and it worked a little with scrubbing. Disappointed. =(

Cleaned houses for a while and the best for yellow/orange colored stains is 'The Works' tub and tile cleaner. Stinks a lot. 'Soft Scrub' with bleach on the bottom of the shower to get the dirt off. Once you get the build up off then switch to more natural cleaners.

Whatever you do do NOT use that works (hydrochloric acid) And soft scrub with bleach at the same time.

Dawn, hot water and a Scott's green scrubby works perfectly for normal cleanings. If it gets your porcelain dishes clean enough to eat off of, one would naturally think it would clean a porcelain tub too.

I've been using Dawn to clean the bathrooms all my life. Tried comet once..it scratched up the counter, horribly. I really only have a difficult time with cleaning the shower curtain, and end up replacing it once a year.

I'll have to try the vinegar and baking soda with my usual Dawn and see how my curtain looks.

Interesting article. Thanks for the re post!

Just throw you plastic shower curtain / liner in the washing machine with a little bit of laundry soap.

I soak my shower curtain in a bucket with a bit of Oxiclean or bleach overnight and then dump it all in the washing machine with a bit of detergent. Takes off all the pink stains (bacteria) that develop about once a month.

Annette use cold water to rinse it out and the bubble disappear fast.


Annette, use cold water to rinse it out and the bubbles disappear fast.


I dont understand how so many people are having such success with this cleaner. I think this has been nothing but a waste of time. I used it botth as a paste, worked ok, and as a spray and sit tye thing. If anything, all it did was make the nasty bath tub in my apartment worse.

I throw my plastic shower curtains in the washer, works great!

As far as the toilet ring... I use denture cleaning tablets. Works great for me.

That is a great idea

I use a shower curtain liner just behind the glass shower door to protect the door from getting scummy. I buy cheap plastic shower curtain liners from Walmart (about $3) and when it gets nasty, I throw it away and buy another one.

Most of the soap scum comes from body oils that mix with dirt. Dawn detergent contains a grease-relief ingredient that dissolves the oils.

As soon as you mix baking soda and vinegar, they neutralize each other, give off carbon dioxide (the volcano - which happens whether the water is hot or not) and you're left with a tiny bit of sodium acetate and... wait for it... water.

Not saying your tub didn't get clean - just saying you soaked your tub in soap and hot water for two hours - and wasted a bunch of baking soda and vinegar.

I'm going to try this in our apartment bathtub/shower.

For toilet rings caused by hard water...Yes, the pumice stone works, but it can scratch, so be careful. I tried lots of stuff, but the best is CLR. Let it soak overnight. The Magic Eraser overnight doesn't work on hard water rings, only the grime-y stuff.

For cleaning the shower curtain plastic liner:

Put it in the washing machine with 2 old, white towels and your regular laundry soap & bleach. The towels help scrub the curtain, and the bleach sanitizes it.

Hang up to dry! It will melt in the dryer!

I've been doing the same with my shower curtain for years. It really does work. And you can put it in the dryer but only put in there for a few minutes with the towels to soak up the moisture. Remove and rehang immediately otherwise it will cool all wrinkled up and never hang right.

Thank you for this post! It inspired me to experiment a bit... I got a hold of non-concentrated original blue Dawn at the dollar store. It's runnier than the concentrated Dawn I use to wash dishes with, and so is ideal for this application. I mixed that with the heated vinegar in a 1:1 proportion and it sprays fine in a cheapie spray bottle from said dollar store.

I did not add the baking soda. Instead, I sprayed down the tub and tile with the Dawn/vinegar spray and let it sit for a while. I then sprinkled Borax into the tub and scrubbed. I find Borax works better for the mineral content of our water here rather than baking soda, but you could certainly use either. When I lived in Oregon, the water was much softer and baking soda was adequate. Rinsing rinsed everything away. My tub was especially filthy and I expect that if I do this more often, I won't need to use the Borax or scrub much.

How does that work on grout? Our grout looks disgusting.

Totally unimpressed. I followed the directions to a T but all it left me with was a thick layer of dawn dish soap that took FOREVER to get off the shower because there were so many suds. It worked it terms of no scrubbing, but it was a pain in the a$$ to clean up.

cleaning shower screens could be easy and more efficient!

This worked!! I left it on for about 3 hours, and with a little scrubbing (not much) 15 years of soap scum came right off! (I came back after 1 hour, but no results, so I left it on longer because I didn't want to give up) FYI: I have city water, so there was no hard water residue, just soap scum on shower insert floor. It looks BRAND NEW! (also a surprise: after the initial vinegar smell, all I smelled was the Dawn dishsoap, so fresh!) I can't handle the dangerous chemical products like Kaboom-fumes make me dizzy

Mixing vinegar and baking soda creates WATER. If you do this you are just mixing dish soap and water. This is basic chemistry.

Not exactly. NaHCO3(s) + CH3COOH(l) → CO2(g) + H2O(l) + Na+(aq) + CH3COO-(aq) there is sodium acetate left over, but I agree that it shouldn't help clean a shower magically. Used alone, Baking soda is great for scrubbing.


Rinsing with cool water will result in less suds. This is my go to shower cleaner.

I live in Australia and I don't think we have Dawn here.

Do you recommend as an alternative a strong, grease cutting detergent?

I could not find anything to clean my acrylic tub/shower until I tried Dawn and vinegar. I scrubbed it in after spraying the entire surface of the shower wall and bottom of tub. I have never seen anything clean soap scum like this!!! It's cheap to us and no harmful chemical to breath. Of course the vinegar smells a little but nothing you can't stand for a little while. The dawn/vinegar mixture also works wonders on faucets, sinks and counter tops! Makes everything shine like new!!!! Try it, you will be surprise of the outcome, I was.

I love the way Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner w/bleach (the blue kind) works for my toilet, so one day I put some in the bottom of my bathtub. I always have a hard time cleaning the tub and getting all the gunk out of it. I let it sit for about 30 mins, took a brush and scrubbed the tub and rinsed it all out. It looked like a new tub! I will be doing this to the rest of the tub as well.

Did anyone else notice that she took the picture from a different angle. Look at the shape of the shower - the part that has the goop on in in the during photo is the dirty side in the after photo!

Haha! You are right. I did it in two stages and didn't post the photos in the right order. Very astute.

A blocked drain is a common problem ,so whenever you come through such problem hire a professional plumber as most of these plumbers already have drain cleaning machines which frequently clean out the clogged drains.

I have well water I tried all kinds of things, in my toilet it looked like brown ring it would not go away. I had a friend tell me about a product they sell at the dollar store it is called The work's! And it works wonders it is only 1 dollar. I use it once a week I will never use anything else.

Pumice stone works magic! Make sure its wet before using it to scrub. It won't scratch porcelain if its wet. But you won't have any ring when done!

I've tried this and it works quite well - the best cleaner for bathtub scum I have ever used - but does anyone else find the smell from mixing Dawn and vinegar incredibly toxic? I have to hold a towel over my nose and mouth so I don't breathe the air.... I use this method once in awhile when the scum gets really bad because nothing else works but man the smell is awful. I find it hard to believe that using Dawn could be considered a \"green\" method.

Drain cleaning is often considered a simple task, but it might not be so always.Whenever you came in situation like your drains are clogged and you are not finding the solution about how to clean it.Have a drain cleaning service from the professional drain cleaner so that you will not get this problem again.

Can I use a different dishwashing soap?

vinegar and baking soda cancel each others cleaning power. that fizzing reaction leaves behind a salt that does nothing to clean. vinegar and dawn should be good enough, and making a paste with baking soda would help scrub, but together they are totally useless.

Is dawn a liquid soap? I am in Australia!

Hi there :-). Did you find out? I'm Danish and we don't have dawn here

Dawn is a liquid dish washing detergent...

It is an amazing cleaner for just about everything - you can google DAWN and find out just how many uses there are - Excellent to bath your dog with, kills fleas on contact, also environmentally friendly, it is used on birds, ducks, ETC that have gotten trapped in an oil spill or such...good luck across the pond

Does it matter if I use apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar?

Just Plain Old Vinegar, besides it's cheaper anyway : ))

It is a liquid dish soap.

Best tip!!!!

Heating of the vinegar is to help the Dawn and the vinegar to mix together well. Spray it on - don't dab to avoid too many suds - 2 parts vinegar - 1 part Dawn.

Sprinkle baking soda to treated area if you need extra oomph. This lets the 'volcano' action work directly on the stained area....

I spray it on after a hot shower for best results ( steam loosens grime ) - go to work, forget it for the day...

After several hours I jumped in shower and sprayed it down... use a scruffy sponge under my foot to scrub away tough spots on bottom of tub... much easier on your back than bending over the edge.

Use CLR to eliminate hard water rust stains. DO NOT GET IN SHOWER WITH CLR!!!! Use gloves, googles and turn on exhaust fan. But it removed all rust stains that hard been there for years.

I hope this will work on my kitchen counters, they are in need a a deep scrubbing. Whoever thought that 3x3 tiles on a heavily utilized work surface was an idiot, just sayin'! That's a lot of yucky grout...

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LMAO you aren't alone. Just bought our house. Has those 2x2 tiles as kitchen tile and backsplash. Hate it.

SUCCESS! I tried this on an old, old tub, long stained. I made the mix in a large glass measuring cup, and applied it to the tub, dabbing it on with a rag. Since it was almost Midnight when I tried this, I let it sit overnight. Using a plastic brush, I gave the tub a good scrub the next morning. My family is super impressed! Me, too. We have a super-clean, white tub now.

I love this stuff! I mix everything in a 4 cup glass measuring cup before pouring it into my spray bottle and it helps with the volcano explosion. I also followed the measurements listed and my mixture was liquid, not paste. I have two school age little boys, so my bathtub gets pretty brown and gross, but this cleaner works fantastically! I spray it on, leave it for 10-20 minutes and it wipes off effortlessly leaving my tub sparkly white. I initially used this on just my bathtub, then started using it on the sink and toilet. Now it's my go-to cleaner for everywhere. Spills and messes come up easily and everything smells so fresh and clean. Great homemade cleaner! Thanks for the post!

I found this on Pinterest and I am definitely going to try it! We've gotten to the point where my husband has asked if we need to replace the shower because it won't come clean. I haven't given up yet!

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how to clean shower glass

Drain cleaning is often considered a simple task, but it might not be so always.But with care one can do this easily.

Is the Original Dawn dish soap a must or will other brands do?

This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free. It is the old what goes around comes around routine.

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Thank you so much for this. I so love it. I know this would really help.

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It is really very helpful, I like it, I think it is use in Regular Cleaning

was your shower stall fiberglass or porcelain?


Bless you! I've got two fiberglass showers that need this treatment! Can't wait to have a clean sparking shower the next time I have guests!

AMAZING! I buy vinegar by the 3 gallon jug, Blue Dawn by the 90 ounce bottle, and baking soda by the bag at Costco. Forget the spray bottle, the mixture is too thick to spray. Use an old sock or washcloth and then throw it away. Wear gloves or do this the day before you get a manicure. :-)

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Once you get it really clean, just do a light scrub each week with a rag or sponge dipped in baking soda. I've been doing that for 25 years.

If you add the soap to the vinegar FIRST, you won't get this reaction but the mixture will still work. To use in a spray bottle, use less soda.

A similar concoction works to get armpit stains out of WHITES - use hydrogen peroxide instead of the vinegar, but you MUST ADD THE SOAP TO THE PEROXIDE FIRST or your reaction will be more volatile than the soda/vinegar one. Also, be aware that hydrogen peroxide is in and of itself capable of bleaching your material, so ONLY use this on whites.

It should also be noted that neither of these concoctions should be made with or in anything metal - use a plastic bowl and plastic utensils when mixing. For the laundry concoction, I 'scrub' the paste in with the spoon I used to mix the goop, then I let it set for an hour or so before laundering.

One more thing - these mixtures lose their ability to work after an hour, so your 2 hour wait could be cut to 1, and you can't store it to reuse it - make what you want to use and discard the rest.

This worked so well! Thanks for the post!

This worked like magic on my shower, I used to use scrubbing bubbles, this is way better, the stain wiped right off and my shower is white again. We have high iron in our water and it makes terrible brown stains, but now I can get rid of them!

Best thing I have ever tried for the shower!!

thank you for this! the place we're renting has dirty stains on the tubs and i had not been able to get it off for anything. bleach, scrubbing, magic eraser, nothing. but 2 hours of this and it sparkles! thanks!

We have really hard water here and use this recipe all the time. For toilets, I flush, then try to lay toilet paper over the hard water stains. Then I spray vinegar on the toilet paper so it can soak on the stains. Leave it for a few hours then flush away the tp. Works great for those stains on the vertical parts of the bowl.

I have used this mixture without the baking soda with great success. To keep my shower enclosure sparkling I keep the type of kitchen sponge with that has a handle you fill with dish soap in the shower but I fill it with the dawn/vinegar solution. I need cleaning anway when I get in the shower and rinsing is no problem since the water is running anyway. I also use a shower squeegee to help get the mixture off the shower wall and after it has been rinsed. When the tub is dry I come back and polish up the chrome with a used dryer sheet. It takes off any soap scum and water spots. Makes it soo shiny!

i always use a 4$ mini pressure sprayer from the dollar store for my tub & shower cleaning, I have arthritis like (90% of the world) it hurts to spray a trigger spray bottle more than a few times. ALSO I think if the Dawn is in the sprayer before the baking soda & vinegar are added you will have less of a volcano. untested so far but an educated guess. I use the 3 ingredients for a lot of my cleaning daily.

Just my two cents. The baking soda is added just to add a little more oomph to your scrubbing or wiping down without the damage regular cleansers cause.

I also wonder if using this on the older porcelain tubs vs. most of today's tubs and showers made from fiberglass or plastic makes the difference in the results. It could be that it did or didn't work for you based on your tub or shower's material make up.

Thank you very much for sharing this, I just mix the paste all over one of my bathtubs and use it very carefully but I fear from the children approach to the chemical. According to your opinion, it will give the amazing experience if we will use in bathroom shower. But the chemical can be harmful for us. We can enjoy the shower without chemical use.

I have a hard time with harsh chemicals but this did not bother me at all- not harsh at all. It had a pleasant smell for the 2 hours it sat there. I had no allergy problems at all. Good luck! :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH! My impossibly funky shower is as good as new. Not just clean, but apartment inspection clean. I am in shock.

I had an interesting experience today. Im thinking...since she left the mixture in a bowl and used a washcloth to apply to the shower that I would double the recipe, clean sinks and showers. I used the entire bowl full. Applied with a washcloth. Well....needless to say, it was quite a challenge to get all the suds washed off. I had to get in each shower with the water on and had to use several towels to get it all off. I won't be doing that again. Lol it's now in a spray bottle to be used sparingly. I think I'm gonna smell like dawn dish detergent for days! The house smells clean, the sinks and showers are clean. The dawn left a blue stain in the bowl I used. I feel like my hands were over exposed. I should have worn gloves. Laugh about this like I did, but don't do what I did!!

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Did you try it on the shower door tracks and doors?

Would this work on the orange stains in the shower?

Outstanding! I just came across this recipe for cleaning my dismal old tub! It works amazingly. I forgot to heat the vinegar but it worked just find. I'm heading for the other bathroom now! Thanks so much for sharing!

I hadn't been able to get our shower really clean for almost a year. I tried Kaboom and other cleaners, but for some reason it just wouldn't get white white.

Well, thanks to this pin on Pinterest, our shower is sparkly clean.

The recipe calls for:

1/2 c. white vinegar

1/2 c. Original Blue Dawn Dish Soap

4 T. Baking Soda

Empty spray bottle (or skip this and use a glass measuring cup)

S purchased a spray bottle in the automotive section of the store. I say, you can forgo the bottle, since this happened to me.

All jammed up. Wouldn't spray

Heat the vinegar in the microwave for 90 seconds. Allow to cool slightly (or you will have a volcano on your hands when adding in the baking soda).

I heated in a glass measuring cup. After adding the baking soda (and cleaning up the mess from the volcano), add the Dawn dish soap.

Ignore the spray bottle.

I poured it all into the spray bottle and jammed the nozzle (see above). Out of necessity, I poured it back into the measuring cup and used it as a paste.

Ooey gooey clean.

I spread the paste with a washcloth and let it sit for two hours. I honestly didn't think this would work. But, I was so wrong.

Dirty on the left, sprakly clean on the right.

It wiped clean with no scrubbing. Unbelievable and so economical.

So much for hiring a maid. I no longer need to be afraid of cleaning the shower. Thank goodness for Pinterest.

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