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8 Ways to Make Your Dining Room Look More Expensive

8 Ways to Make Your Dining Room Look More Expensive

8 Ways to Make Your Dining Room Look More Expensive

Dining rooms are the place where we host dinners and entertain our guests. If it’s true that a great decor helps a lot making a great impression on your guests, updating your dining table, or revamping your walls shouldn’t be synonym of ruining your budget. There are many other ways to give your dining room a sense of luxury without costing a fortune. If you’d like to take your dining room’s design up a notch, scroll through these ideas that will turn your entertaining space from standard to high-end in no time.

Don’t be shy, play with color. Especially shades of red, from crimson to burgundy. They generally look luxury and splendid against beige or warm neutrals.

Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design, photo by Karyn Millet Photography, Los Angeles.

Apply a white wash finish to old reclaimed pieces of furniture, they will look more authentic and can liven up an otherwise dull space.

AMI Designs, New York

Whatever style you’re in or expensive are your accessories, a painted ceiling will make your room look truly decorated and complete.

Lizette Marie Interior Design, San Francisco. Photo by David Duncan Livingston.

With a layer of paint, inexpensive OSB wood panels can be completely disguised, looking more like an expensive wall treatment. Use whatever color you love to paint!

no.555, photo by Koichi Torimura, Japan.

Thoughtful artwork with a matching color scheme for the room can go a long way without breaking the bank.

Michael Abrams Interiors, Chicago.

Looking for a way to make a big impact for cheap? Try dressing an accent wall with faux stone veneer. Pre-assembled panels are easy to implement and can look like the real deal. Check Home Depot for references.

Andrew Pogue Photography, Austin.

Small details like covered wire makes the light pendant look more expensive. Simple to tweak! Check also the metallic base of the rustic family table.

Photo via Bedroom Furniture Discounts, New York.

Try adding some accent colors: niches, furnitures, doors or door frames, not a lot of expense but a lot of fun!

Chr DAUER Architects, San Francisco.

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