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7 Unusual Kitchen Countertops That Totally Work

7 Unusual Kitchen Countertops That Totally Work

7 Unusual Kitchen Countertops That Totally Work

This has to be one of the worst designed websites EVER. You cant even finish an article without it auto scrolling to end of page, after several attempts, I just closed it up. Invest in a responsive site and maybe you would have more traffic and people can actually READ the articles.

I loved the sea glass and copper but neither actually seems practical to me. You'd have to collect an absolute TON of sea glass to have a counter of any size and it's doubtful most of us could achieve a ratio so high in the blue glass that make the one illustrated so attractive.

As for the copper, it's gorgeous and I think I'd love the patina but not the expense or the weekly cleaning and waxing. If anyone gets seduced by it, be sure to check out the Lilliedale blogger's follow-up (you can just click on \"copper\" in the word salad in the right margin). She's pretty up-front about the up- and downsides.

Can't say the other counters do much for me at all - inventive but they just seem so DIY crafty -- and it seems improbable that the chalkboard one would hold up to kitchen use at all.

that glowing quartz is nothing but an utter atrocity.

Is your kitchen feeling a little bit boring? We feel your pain. Sometimes you want a space that stands out and makes a statement. If you're in that boat, consider making an upgrade to your kitchen countertops. There are plenty of ways you can upgrade them to make your space feel brand new — and we're not just talking marble or quartz. How about pennies, chalkboard, or copper?

Here are a few more offbeat ideas to get you started.

Penny Countertops - Domestic Imperfection: What do you do with all those pennies you've collected? If you're feeling ambitious, they can easily be turned into a unique countertop.

Recycled Sea Glass Mosaic - Simply Irresistible Designs: Mosaic countertops aren't necessarily new, but this recycled sea glass one is still stunning.

Cork Countertops - Living Spaces Maine: We're not sure exactly how these cork countertops were created, but because they're part of the wet bar, we're hoping they were made from slices of wine corks.

DIY Glitter Countertop - Making Nice in the Midwest: A glitter and epoxy countertop isn't right for every kitchen, but in a cheeky retro kitchen, it's a home run. Of course, you can also just use it on a bar countertop instead of the full kitchen.

Glowing Quartz - Marble of the World: We've seen plenty of quartz countertops in our day, but this glowing quartz counter is a thing of beauty!

DIY Copper Counters - Lilledale: Copper counters might seem cost-prohibitive, until you realize you can do them yourself. Just be sure you get the right materials and follow this tutorial.

Chalkboard Counters - Assortment: Chalkboard walls and fridges might be more common, but a little chalkboard paint is the perfect way to dress up outdated countertops

Original article and pictures take http://www.thekitchn.com/7-unusual-kitchen-countertops-that-totally-work-223736 site

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