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5 Chic Ways to Style a Tray Table

5 Chic Ways to Style a Tray Table

5 Chic Ways to Style a Tray Table

Not only tray tables are super stylish, versatile and fun to decorate, but they are usually a pretty budget friendly piece of furniture that you’ll get a ton of use out of. From bar tray to bedside table or artwork showcase, here are five ways to style a tray table, in different spots of you home.

1. The bar tray: We’re sure that you’re all well aware of the fact that a bar cart is the “the thing to have” at the moment. So let’s go creative and turn our tray table into a bar tray: a few pretty bottles of spirits, striped straws, nice glasses to serve your cocktails in and few bar accessories like muddlers, shakers or decanters. Image Becky Harris, Atlanta. Butler tray + stand available at West Elm.

2. The artwork display: If you love collecting paintings, art prints (just like us) or create your own artworks, the folding table tray is a great option for mobile display. You can easily switch paintings without piercing any hole into the wall! Design by Adam Bechtold Interiors.

3. The bedside table: Matching tray tables and lamps on each side of the bed will give your room a balanced and polished look. Throw in a few decorative items, like fresh flowers, a candle and a framed picture. Gabriel Holland Interior Design, photography by Lara Jane Thorpe Photography.

4. The accent console: If you want to create a bold focus point into one of your rooms, using a tray table can be a great option. It’s lightweight, portable, and you can stack lot of stuff on it. Pair a collection of beautiful books, a fresh flower arrangement and a picture frame on the wall and you get a nice conversation starter piece. Design by Caitlin Wilson, Phildelphia. Photography by Courtney Apple.

5. The coffee table: This is not the most obvious options when it comes to styling/using your tray table: next to the sofa as an end table is a more common choice. But when you choose to team up two tray tables to double the surface, they make a perfect coffee table!

Original article and pictures take http://www.eatwell101.com/styling-tray-table site

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