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20 Glam Ways to Add Texture to Your Home

20 Glam Ways to Add Texture to Your Home

20 Glam Ways to Add Texture to Your Home

When it comes to making a design statement in a room, color and pattern are an obvious way to go. But if you’re looking for an even more dramatic interior design scheme, you need some texture in your room STAT. Incorporating texture adds an extra dimension that instantly makes a room more interesting. From a few colorful throw pillows tounique pieces of furniture, we’ve got our fave examples of spaces where texture has been used to create stylish and comfortable rooms.

1. Country Comfort: Creating a cozy and inviting space involves bringing in soft and comfortable textures with layered rugs, chenille blankets, weathered woods and woven baskets. (via Lovely Life)

2. Modern Style: Just because you’re going for the sleek and modern look doesn’t mean you can’t use texture. Make the room more dynamic with shag rugs, leather pieces, glossy surfaces and shiny metals. (via Lady Bird’s Nest)

3. Set the Mood: Establish your style by using soft, fine fabrics for a feminine mood or more use rustic materials for a masculine feel. (via Bonnie Tsang)

4. Focal Point: Use texture to create a focal point in the room, like a rough hewn coffee table or a colorful velvet couch. (via Elle Decor)

5. Pay Attention to Details: Combine a mix of textures in a concentrated area, like a collection of colorful sofa pillows or a blend of glass, ceramic and linen on the dining table. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

6. Opposites Attract: Texture makes the most impact it when it’s paired against an opposite texture, like a nubbly couch against a lucite coffee table. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

7. It’s All an Illusion: Textures don’t have to be actual texture — painted textures or a patterned wallpaper creates the same effect, but in 2D. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

8. Get Industrial: Exposed brick walls, concrete floors and visible plumbing give a modern, industrial look, while adding warm woods and cozy, woven blankets bring a warm, inviting feel. (via Emily Henson)

9. Show Moderation: Even though texture is wonderful, it can get overwhelming if it’s overused. Choose just a few pieces and you won’t lose the impact by cluttering the room. (via Design Sponge)

10. Dark Contrasts: If you’re rocking dark walls, choose glossy and smooth textures that won’t compete with the room. (via Apartment Therapy)

11. Texture With Textiles: One of the easiest ways to add texture (and color) to a room is through textiles, like pillows or a throw over the sofa. (via Design Milk)

12. Neutral Texture: Just because you’re adding texture doesn’t mean you need to add color. This all-white living room shows off a woven rug and white metal chairs. (via Emma’s Design Blogg)

13. Natural Texture: Plants totally count as texture. In this all-white office, spiky plants add just the right amount of intrigue. If you’re not exactly a green thumb, we’ve got just the right planters for you. (via Bodie and Fou)

14. Rug Texture: Whether you DIY or purchase one, a rug is a great way to bring the room together and provide a focal point for the rest of your furniture. (via Skona Hem)

15. Texture With Furniture: Velvet chairs and a rough hewn table easily bring texture to a stark and modern dining room. Now if we could just get our hands on that chandelier… (via Apartment Therapy)

16. Books Galore: Book lovers rejoice, and use your libraries to create a wall of texture. All those books bring an element of warmth and coziness to the space. (via Arkpad)

17. Light Fixtures: Some of the most interesting rooms are the ones that combine multiple textures, like a spiky light fixture, velvet curtains and patterned wooden floors. (via Arkpad)

18. Repeat Shapes: To keep the room from getting too overwhelmed, repeat similar shapes and textures, like these woven baskets with wicker stools. (via Apartment Therapy)

19. Balance Classic With Casual: To add texture and keep your rooms from feeling too staged, bring in unexpected colors for a cool, bohemian look. (via Mix and Chic)

20. Textured Accessories: Use a collection of furniture or a coffee table vignette with different vases to create small, textured touches around the room. (via Caisson Studios)

What are your favorite ways to bring texture into your home? Talk to us in the comments below!

Original article and pictures take http://www.brit.co/decorating-with-texture/ site

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