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19 Backyard DIY Spruce-Ups on a Budget

19 Backyard DIY Spruce-Ups on a Budget

19 Backyard DIY Spruce-Ups on a Budget

Love everything. Well done. Keep up the good work. Jennifer

I shared on Facebook and on pinterest and I still can only see the first 6 great backyard ideas out of the 19 the article claims there is. I read your posts often and share ideas with my friends because you have a lot of great ideas. It just doesn’t seem right to read less than halfway through an article and be asked to share if you want to see the rest. If you feel your ideas are great, people that follow your blog will share because they want to, not because they have to. I’m not sure why I cannot see the rest of what you had posted but I would really like to check out out!

I was really looking forward to this “Backyard on a budget” post, but I lost interest after being denied the full post unless I do this or that… Also, the fact that I stopped counting after 26 ads! Seems a bit ridiculous. I’m glad that you’re making money, but there is WAY too much going on here. The least you could do is allow the entire post to be seen. I know, everyone has an opinion, and this is just mine…

I love your site and all the great ideas! BUT, I have chosen to remove myself from social media as I was wasting the little time I already have. So sad that there’s a catch to looking at great ideas. I guess there is no such thing as a free lunch.

You left out how to do the walkway with the stones and the wood.

Warmer weather means sprucing up the yard, but costs can add up fast when you buy everything from the store. Save yourself money with these backyard DIY projects you can do in a weekend.

19 Backyard DIYs on a Budget

1. Pallet table

3. Arbor and bench

4. Outdoor patio table set

5. Planter pots wrapped in rope

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7. Wooden awning

8. Rustic outdoor table

9. Wall accent

13. Easy outdoor couch

14. Easy $15 bench

15. Cool cinder block bench

Try spray painting the cinder blocks a nice, vibrant color!

16. Wooden planter box

17. Outdoor cooler stand

18. Railroad tie walkway

19. DIY storage box and bench


Original article and pictures take http://howdoesshe.com/19-backyard-diy-spruce-ups-on-a-budget/ site

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