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12 DIY Entryway Projects

12 DIY Entryway Projects

12 DIY Entryway Projects

Cubbies and Hooks

I’m enamored with this clever idea from Brit. Very functional; a place for everything and for everything a place! This is pretty easy to make and doesn’t require much time or money at all!

For Kids

Hold the phone and take a gander at this one from Beth and Nick. They get kids, ladies and gentlemen. They get it. Their tutorial encompasses all of the problems and trials we face. Look how fabulous it is!


How about this very personalized approach from Rebekah? Every time you walk in, you’ll remember how much you love those guys. Put up pictures of your whole family and matching decorations

Original article and pictures take http://howtobuildit.org/2015/03/12/12-diy-entryway-projects/8/ site

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