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10 Ways to Add Color And Personality to a Neutral Kitchen

10 Ways to Add Color And Personality to a Neutral Kitchen

10 Ways to Add Color And Personality to a Neutral Kitchen

It’s no news that color can affect your mood dramatically. If you’re scared by a kitchen renovation but feel your kitchen is a bit dull and needs a boost, don’t fear! These 10 real-life examples illustrate how to add a serious splash of color and personality to a neutral kitchen.

This orange sink paired with a bright pink curtain creates a vibrant splash of color that is totally unexpected! The Cross Interior Design, Photography by Janis Nicolay

This kitchen makeover makes the most of colorful tiles and painted cabinets. A few well chosen accessories like the copper pendant light add some sparkle without overcrowding this rich palette. By Jutta Rikola from Kootut Murut.

These monochromatic orange accents bring warmth to the whites walls and subway tiles from the backsplash. No need to paint the 4 walls! Design by Etre Creative, photo by Alex Armitstead.

Painting the wall above the kitchen cabinets is a nice way to add a pop of color for cheap. Design by Four Point, Los Angeles.

Colorful backsplash tiles are a sure way to add texture and interest to an otherwise dull kitchen. By Rachel Reider Interiors, Boston.

Fresh flowers and a simple fruit basket make a bright composition for this modern and sleek kitchen. Design by CG Creative Interiors, San Francisco.

If you feel a bit artsy and love recycling, paint some reclaimed planks —or tiles— with the same color as your favorite appliance! By Sarah Phipps Design, photo by Joseph Eastburn Photography.

Red cooking utensils give this tiny cottage kitchen a healthy color boost. By Tiny Happy Home, Tennessee.

This kitchen setup creates a dialogue between a bold wall treatment and a set of ultra modern chairs. Note the yellow rug that brings a complementary note to the overall color scheme. Art direction: Barbara Schmidt, Minneapolis.

The same principle applies for this transitional kitchen: the backsplash tiles echo the mint painted kitchen island. By Creative Wood.

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